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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: May 01, 2010

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To get us started can you please start by telling us a little about what you are working on or have coming out?

Pesto Packin' Mama is a contemporary romance with a twist on the secret baby plot.

Could you please tell us a little about yourself?

I was a purchasing agent in another life and currently writing full time. The prequel to Pesto Packi' Mama, HITTING THE HIGH NOTES, was released by Champagne Books February 1st 2010.

I love cooking (mainly because I love eating), gardening, and...reading, of course!

My husband and I serve at the pleasure of our three cats.

If you could be one of the characters from this book - Who would you be? And why?

That's tough. I love them all. It's a toss up between Bruce's mother and Maggie. But I suppose if I must choose only one, I'd be Maggie because she's so marvelously neurotic.

Who or what influenced you when you wrote this book? Did you have a CD, Songs, environment, etc?

I play Blondie in the background when I write, "One Way Or Another" is my personal fave.

Can you please give us a sneak peek into the book?

Maggie is childless by choice and Bruce suddenly finds himself with a baby brother to raise. (Oh, this isn't any baby, this is the love child of his seventy- something-year-old father! Born is South America). This creates a real conflict in their relationship. Plus, Maggie's fifty and Bruce is approaching his mid-fifties, rather old for a baby underfoot.

Bruce's mother is none too pleased either since dead-bead dad left mother and son long ago.

Please tell us what you have planned next?

A historical romance with paranormal elements: GARNET GALE GETS HER MAN. It's my take on A Girl, A Guy, & A Ghost, circa 1830

What kind of research did you do for this book? Did you enjoy the research process?

Little research was necessary. However, I am not one who generally dotes on research.

What would you like to tell your readers?

A quirky sense of humor is required when you read my books.

Do you belong to a critique group? If so, how does this help or hinder you?

Yes, I do. I find it tremendously helpful. My crit pard and I have grown to be good frends ( and a more generous kind person you'd never find) but she's objective when reading my work. She's agented and published so I really lucked out when the fates brought us together.

Can you please give us a sneak peek at any of your upcoming books?

Another contemporary romance is percolating, TALL, DARK, & HANDY. The darned thing keeps changing though; one minute it's a straight romance; then it wants to morph into a romance with an arson sublot; then, it wants to incorporate some ancient Greek god into it. My muse is definitely bipolar!

Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Thankful

When did you first decide to submit your work? Please, tell us what or who encouraged you to take this big step?

Oh, I just plunged right in and submitted a very bad historical but, I'll say, this I'd put the first chapter up against anything Hemingway ever wrote. As for the rest of the novel... I've got the rejection letters to show for it. That failure broke my heart but toughened me up. I felt better after I Buicked it to death (ran over the disk a couple of times) and burned the pages. What can I say, writing can be frustrating.

What was your first published work and when was it published?

As mentioned,HITTING THE HIGH NOTES, the prequel to PESTO PACKIN' MAMA was released Feb 1st 2010 by Champagne Books.

What is the best and worst advice you have ever received?

Golly, there was tons of it, good and bad. I'd have to say hearing that axiom: writers are born. In my opnion, If you like to read, you can write. It's hard work and a long road to publication, however.

The best: story telling is a true art form. And, writing should be fun. (You'd better enjoy it, or you'll be putting in lots of time for very little monetary return).

Do you outline your books or just start writing?

I'm writing a mystery, MERRY ACRES WIDOWS WALTZ and, uncharacteristically trying to outline. Insert wailing and teeth grinding sounds here).

Who is your perfect hero? And why?

I like multifaceted heroes. My perfect hero would be a blend of James Bond and my first crush in the second grade who shall remain nameless, a really sweet kid.

What type of book would you like to write?

I'd love to write a jam-up mystery. But, so far, the project eludes me. However, there's always tomorrow!

Best to you all NAN D ARNOLD

Thank you for this opportunity!