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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: June 04, 2014

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Today we have the awesome Nalini Singh here. She's one of my favorite PNR authors.

What or who inspired you to write a paranormal romance?

I’ve always loved reading science fiction and fantasy alongside romance – all those interests come together in paranormal romance, so it was a very natural fit.

When you started the Psy-Changeling series how many books did you plan on?

I tend to think in terms of storyline rather than number of books. So while I knew exactly where I was going with the series, I didn’t have a set number of books in mind. For me, it’s more a case of letting the story dictate how many books there will be.

How many more books do you see yourself doing in the Psy-Changeling series?

With book 14, I think we’ll reach the end of the original story arc. However, I’d like to do more stories set in the world – it’s so rich and textured that there are countless parts of it I’d love to explore. For example, the falcon changelings and the sea changelings.

So readers who are reading for the original story arc will get a satisfying conclusion, but if they want to continue to explore the world, too, they can come on these new journeys with me.

What do you think makes a hero that readers will gravitate toward?

I think a good hero is unique in himself, and he has layers to him that fascinate us as we peel them away. He isn’t cookie cutter. He is very much who he is and confident in that.

What characteristic do all your heroines have?

My heroines run the gamut from tough hunters to submissive wolf changelings, but they all share a deep internal strength.

Are you a plotter or pantser and why?

A bit of both. Because I write series, I have the overarching series plotline in my head, but when I sit down to write each individual book, I don’t plan it all out – I let the characters show me the way. In a sense, I write my way into the story. However, I believe knowing the overarching plotline from the start helps keep it all together.

If you could choose a city for a convention, where would you want to hold it?

Probably my home, Auckland, New Zealand – it’s beautiful, by the sea, and I wouldn’t have to fly to get to it! ;-) In truth, I do enjoy flying to different parts of the world, but it’d be fun to have a big romance convention this far down under.

If you could be a shifter, what shifter type would you be and why?

I’d be a falcon I think. I’d just love to fly!! Imagine soaring through the sky on your own wings. It’d be amazing.

Where do you see the future of romantic fiction being? What’s next?

I don’t think anyone can predict what will strike people’s imaginations. It’s usually something totally unexpected. What I can predict is that romances are here to stay – we’ve been reading them for centuries and I think we’ll be reading them for countless centuries to come. There is no genre that offers more hope than romance and that is a beautiful thing.

What do you have planned next in your Guild Hunter series?

The next book, ARCHANGEL’S SHADOWS, features Ashwini and Janvier, two characters we’ve seen glimpses of throughout the series. However, Elena and Raphael will also have a strong presence, as will several of the Seven, as this book deals with the aftermath of the events in ARCHANGEL’S LEGION.

There’s intensity in this book, but there’s also humor, friendship, and laughter. Ash and Janvier are fun characters and I’m so happy we’ll get to see their relationship in depth.

Wrapping Up:

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