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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: October 24, 2007

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Hello Leslie,

The girls of Night Owl Romance are pleased that you have granted us an interview

We would love to get to know you

Could you please start by telling us a little about yourself?

Sure. My name is Leslie LeBlanc and I live in Moncton , NB with my husband and two cats. I've had an interest in reading since I was young and have had a wanting to write since. Of course, I've always been nervous and lacked the confidence but when I finally completed a book I felt an excitement and was eager to complete more.

What's your favorite genre to read?

I really like romance novels but as far as a favorite, I can't say. I'm the kind of person that can read from different genres and pick on that I like from each.

When you have writer's block how do you break free?

When I fell stuck I usually go back and read the story from; usually from the beginning of the chapter. I find by doing this when I get to where I got stuck and idea will come to me.

Can you please give us a sneak peek at any of your upcoming books?

Absolutely. If you go to http://stores.lulu.com/leslieisme222005 click on upcoming books and there's a preview of my upcoming (third book).

Please tell us what you have planned next?

I'm planning on finishing my current project and then I'm thinking of doing a story outside the genre of romance.

In 5 years, where do you see yourself? -In general and in you're writing career.

I'm hoping that I will still be writing and I also hoping that many people will read and enjoy the books that I write.

Do deadlines help or hinder your muse?

I'm not one for deadlines, never liked them. It makes me glad that I don't have any. I am free to write as I will with out the stress or pressure, which would indeed hinder my creativity.

When did you first decide to submit your work? Please, tell us what or who encouraged you to take this big step.

I first decided to in the beginning of the year. A few of my coworkers and family encouraged me to do what I've always wanted to do (write) and not let anyone or anything hinder my efforts in pursuing my dream.

What would you like to tell your readers?

If you have a worthwhile dream or calling but feel scared to pursue it - don't be. Put yourself into it and don't worry what other people think, If it's what you're meant to do, do it.

Do you outline your books or just start writing?

Usually I just start writing but for my current one I have decided to try writing an outline first. I find I'm constantly trying to improve.

What was your first published work and when was it published?

My first published work was The Heart of an Angel which was published in June of this year (2007).

What would be the best way for readers contact you? Do you have a website? Email address? MySpace site? Blog? Message Board? Group?

I do have a website which is http://stores.lulu.com/leslieisme222005. I can be emailed at LesliesBookStore@gmail.com.

How can readers find out more about you and your books?

If anyone wants to find out more about me, they can go on my website and send me a message.

Thank you for this opportunity!