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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: April 01, 2006

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Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you are up to.

Up to? As little as possible. J/k

To start out can you tell us a little about yourself?

Not much to tell. I married my high school sweetheart and we raised three sons who are all happily married. I love country music, going to the movies, walking my dog, and fiddling with my web page. And writing, of course!

Who are your publishers?

Zebra, Leisure, Silhouette, and St. Martin's

Please tell our readers about your newest books? Any series? When will they be out?

My newest book is Desire After Dark, which was published in February, 2006. I've never been any good at summing my books up in a sentence or two, but, in a nutshell, Desire After Dark is about a vampire serial killer who only kills redheads, a mysterious stranger, and the heroine, who is a redhead, of course.

My next book will be published in February 2007 and includes vampires and werewolves and a brief trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota. I've written a sequel to Night's Kiss, but I don't have a pub date yet. You can find excerpts to upcoming books and current works-in-progress on my website.

Where did you come up with your ideas? What was your trigger?

That's a hard question. I really don't know where my stories come from, although they usually start with a line that just pops into my head.

Please tell us about your life - Do you write full-time or parttime? What do you do for fun? Any hobbies?

I write full-time, every day but Sunday. I don't have a set schedule, I just write when I'm in the mood, usually I write on and off all day. I take a lot of breaks to keep from sitting in one place for too long. I'm a big collector - Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, and STAR WARS. I have one roomupstairs that's filled with nothing but Star Wars dolls, posters, plates, figures and figurines, etc. I also collect rubber ducks.

Is writing your main career or is it a side project?

It's my main career, (although I don't think of it as work) and I love it. I especially love all the writers I've met.

If you have a website - Please tell us what we can expect of it - Will you update monthly, daily, yearly? Are there any excerpts for us to read? Contests? Writing tips? Interviews?

Yes, I have a website: I update it frequently. You can see covers, read excerpts and reviews, sign up for my newsletter, enter my monthly contest, ask me questions, and get sneak peaks at what I'm working on now.

What advice would you give our readers about writing a romance book?

The only advice I've ever given is to write what you love to read. You can't try and write what's hot at the moment, because by the time you write it and sell it, it might not be hot any more. So just write the best book you can.

How much research do you do for each book?

Depends on the book. For the book I'm currently writing, I did a lot of research on Romania.

What else would you like to tell our readers?

Just keep reading!!!! And always buy new when you can. If you buy a used book, the author doesn't get credit for the sale. This is especially important on new books, since publishers are only interested in how many books an author sells. If her sales figures go down because too many books are being bought in used book stores or used on Amazon, etc, she might find herself looking for a new publisher.

Please tell us about your favorite characters. Please include information on the books they are in.

Oh, gosh, where to begin? I love Gabriel from Embrace the Night, Rayven from A Darker Dream, Grigori from Shades of Gray, Antonio Santiago from Desire After Dark, Joaquin Santiago from my next book, and Vince Cordova from the book I'm writing now. Heck, I love them all!

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