• On Mar 31, 2018, Cristene M said: My Hero

    Would love to meet him on a vacation somewhere in Europe maybe Italy or France or the UK

  • On Mar 31, 2018, Judy Thomas said: My Hero

    I would love to meet a tall dark and good humoured hero on the beach in Hawaii or on a romantic cruise :)

  • On Mar 31, 2018, hezan said: My hero

    A foreign country.. like china or Norway.. A business owner

  • On Mar 30, 2018, Tamazon said: Sweet. We have a lucky winner

    The winner of the $25 Amazon Card and Print book is... Linda Moffitt!

  • On Mar 29, 2018, versatileer said: My Hero

    My hero is Wonder Woman. I would go through hoops to meet her.

  • On Mar 27, 2018, orchdlady said: Hero

    My hero would be an outdoorsman and work as a Park Ranger or conservationist.

  • On Mar 27, 2018, Gwendolyn JORDAN said: Hero

    My hero would need to be funny and I would like to meet in Brazil.

  • On Mar 27, 2018, nikkirae said: Hero

    My hero is someone who lives their life to make life better for others. He's a superhero in that he is selfless, brave, kind, with dreams he turns into reality. I would love to meet that hero as he is going about his daily life but also after I've witnessed him performing a heroic act.

  • On Mar 26, 2018, clynsg said: Hero

    My hero is kind, honest and has a sense of humor. I would like to meet him somewhere that would give enough time to get to know him fairly well rather than just jumping in to a relationship.

  • On Mar 23, 2018, Jana Leah said: hero meeting place

    Any place where I happen to be on vacation is a great place to meet my hero.

  • On Mar 22, 2018, AnneM said: Accidently

    bumping into Mr. Right going about my daily business.

  • On Mar 21, 2018, OwensSumer said: Accent!

    Scotland or Ireland!!! Love their accents!

  • On Mar 21, 2018, Mberbeza said: Strong, Supportive, Protective

    My perfect hero is strong, supportive, and protective. He sticks with a woman through thick and thin.

  • On Mar 18, 2018, Jodi Hunter said: Meet

    Meet in a fateful way!

  • On Mar 16, 2018, pattycurry said: GiveAway

    My Hero is Keanu Reeves I would like to meet him in a romantic restaurant our eyes meet across the room

  • On Mar 15, 2018, Beckworth said: Hero?

    Mine would be strong, protective and patient! Not a fan of hotheads lol. Maybe someone like Knight Sebring from Knight by Kristen Ashley

  • On Mar 12, 2018, PaulaLL said: Meet the Hero

    I think mine suffered at horrible fate in this lifetime, something which sounds like a bad joke [someone who was in my college class, and freak bad thing happened to.... Sigh]

  • On Mar 11, 2018, sunshinehdfan said: hero

    military man and anywhere!

  • On Mar 10, 2018, Ivythebookgeek said: My Hero

    I will meet my hero on a trip to Scotland, we will fall madly in love and I'll live there happily ever after.

  • On Mar 10, 2018, Sue A said: Hero

    I'd like to find my hero when and where I least expect him.

  • On Mar 10, 2018, Lostintime said: Hero

    I'm married to my hero I met him when we were teens and fell in love them then met back up in college

  • On Mar 10, 2018, caherrin said: My hero ...

    I married my hero! But, if I need to pretend, he would be smart, gentle, kind and loving. I would like to meet him on cruise to Peru.

    Thank you so much for the chance on your giveaway!

  • On Mar 09, 2018, starsunraveling said: I love the Alpha Hero

    a bit possessive but sweet and caring too and Id like to meet him on vacation

  • On Mar 06, 2018, SuzReadsBooks said: My Hero

    My hero would be kind, thoughtful, and have a sense of humor! I would love to meet him anywhere I can find him :) Thanks for this amazing contest - I would love to win!

  • On Mar 06, 2018, Whodawata said: Already have

    I met mine at my home

  • On Mar 06, 2018, kcharlton said: hero

    I'd like to meet my hero while traveling somewhere..and there he is, just meant for me!

  • On Mar 06, 2018, dshutters said: Where would I meet my hero

    Don't know where i would meet my hero

  • On Mar 05, 2018, Elle said: My Guy

    Found my guy in my own backyard long ago!

  • On Mar 05, 2018, Landslide said: My hero

    I would meet my hero on Hawaii and he would rock the lumberjack look. He'd be funny and sweet and flirty and we would just hit it off from the start.

  • On Mar 05, 2018, Sherriemerrell said: Thanks bunches

    For this fantastic giveaway????

  • On Mar 04, 2018, Glenda said: hero

    Well, I already met mine at work.

  • On Mar 04, 2018, angienb said: Hero

    It would be a military guy on leave visiting Hawaii while I'm on vacation with friends.

  • On Mar 04, 2018, Keistoneminds said: My knight-in-sharp-suit

    My hero would be a handsome man with beautiful eyes, piercing gaze and a handsome smile. I see him as someone who wears a suit. And we would meet in an art exhibition in Paris.

  • On Mar 04, 2018, Lostintime said: Hero

    I will meet my hero on a beach and hel l save me and will fall instantly in Love

  • On Mar 04, 2018, onyiakpanisi said: Hero

    I’ll meet my hero at work place.

  • On Mar 04, 2018, AtTheMapleTable said: Hero

    I would love to meet them in Prague and have an amazing adventure!

  • On Mar 04, 2018, marcellecole said: My Hero

    My hero would have to be educated and have an open mind about life and the world, and I would find him at an Art gallery that displays Life Sculpture.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, shorty said: My hero

    He would have to be loyal, honest, trustworthy and like to have fun. It would be great to meet him on a beach or in the mountains enjoying being outdoors

  • On Mar 03, 2018, kaylizmc said: Hero

    My hero would be someone who is kind to everyone and I would meet him anywhere.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, kaisquared said: Hero

    I would meet him at the library.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, angie booklover said: Where will I meet my hero?

    Tough question. I will meet him while I'm watching the Aurora Borealis in Norway, or I will meet him in a library.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, Kate Sarsfield said: Hero

    A poet or musician, I'd meet him walking on a cold, windswept beach.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, lasvegasnan said: Hero

    On a beach in Hawaii.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, Renald said: To met someone?

    I would like a nice- kind and handsome -strong man. Any where , the beach ,at a wedding, or at a friends party.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, EvelynS said: Hero

    On the beach

  • On Mar 03, 2018, hotone said: He'd be....

    waiting for me on a beautiful beach & we would enjoy our life together living in this awesome house on the coast.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, DebraTaylor said: My Perfect Hero

    I like the bad boy bikers.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, MzVeeAye said: He'd be...

    tall, dark, and handsome..... and probably a mountain man or somewhere in a log cabin :)

  • On Mar 03, 2018, Carol L said: Hero

    He'd be a big brawny Highlander with a gentle heart and I'd find him in the Highlands of Scotland.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, Bmhy said: Hero

    I would love to meet my hero on a beautiful romantic island.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, Ingeborg said: Hero

    A mountain cabin sounds good.

  • On Mar 03, 2018, honeyb said: Meet My Hero

    On an Island or a Secluded Beach

  • On Mar 03, 2018, marybelle said: Meeting my hero

    somewhere quite, peaceful and private - maybe by the ocean

  • On Mar 02, 2018, CandyLyn said: My hero

    I'd like to meet him in a luxurious bed far away from any distractions! Lol

  • On Mar 02, 2018, ksbanks said: My Hero

    My hero would be a man who had loved & lost, and would appreciate a second chance at love (more appreciative!). We'd meet in Greece!

  • On Mar 02, 2018, Judy Thomas said: Hero

    My hero would be someone that made me laugh. I would like to meet him while fishing :)

  • On Mar 02, 2018, Money said: Hero

    My hero would be a gentle man, strong mentally and physically. A historical setting is my favorite. Thank you

  • On Mar 02, 2018, Anxious said: none

    At a park or walking trail.

  • On Mar 02, 2018, bncandg said: re:


  • On Mar 02, 2018, rosalineclancy said: Cowboy

    I'd like to meet him on a ranch!! :)

  • On Mar 01, 2018, KGOLDMAN said: Highlander

    NOthing sexier than a Scottish Highlander and of course it would have to be in Scotland