• On Jun 20, 2018, Butterfly said: WINNERS


  • On May 13, 2018, SteelerGirl said: Spring Fling Winner

    Thank you for the Amazon gift card. Love doing the hunts.

  • On May 10, 2018, rosalineclancy said: Thank you!

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway event! :)

  • On May 08, 2018, katherinebacher said: Thank you: ELF

    Appreciate your kind words! If you enjoy the series, note the third book MISSING YOU releases NEXT MONTH!

  • On May 08, 2018, SueG said: Spring Fling Winners

    Thanks so much for the gift card! Can't wait to spend it! :)

  • On May 08, 2018, Researcher said: Thanks

    Thank you for the gift card. I had a fun time with the web hunt and learning new authors.

  • On May 08, 2018, Tamazon (Mod & Prize Santa) said: Great comments from readers on the prizes!

    Thank you for the Gift Card! The Spring Fling Web Hunt was a blast. Can't wait for the next one. -- Trudy Dowling

  • On May 04, 2018, klahaneridge said: Beth Prentice & Kristy McCaffrey

    The blurb for Beth Prentice’s Dangerous Deeds hooked me - I love a good suspense story that keeps me on the edge of my seat & this looks so good!?

    The setting for Kristy McCaffrey’s Deep Blue caught my eye because I love the Baja California area of Mexico. The plot sounds really interesting & I’d love to read this story!

  • On May 04, 2018, wordygirl said: Great idea

    Reading blurbs is a great way to get a feel for an author. I'll definitely be following up on Beth Prentice's books!

  • On May 04, 2018, AbbyKat said: Erin M. Leaf

    The blurb for "The Fixer" really caught my attention, sounds exactly like something I'd really enjoy. Of course I realized it's book 2, so have to check out book 1 as well :)

  • On May 04, 2018, slehan said: Bachelor Remedy - Seasons of Alaska #5

    I enjoy reading books set in Alaska.

  • On May 04, 2018, booksforme said: Ravenna Tate

    Bloodlust caught my eye! I love the cover and the blurb is great.

  • On May 04, 2018, ELF said: Katherine Bachman's Capture Me

    I thought the blurb was eye-catching and intriguing...especially with all of that potential drama to complicate everything. Thanks for contributing to the great contests!

  • On May 03, 2018, katherinebacher said: Thank you: Nicky

    Appreciate the kind words! I just did a cover reveal for my third book MISSING YOU which you can see on my website and my Twitter account @katnundrum. I think the third cover is the best one yet in a line of awesome covers!

  • On May 03, 2018, kangaroo said: invasive species

    sounds great

  • On May 03, 2018, ljwaters said: connected to author

    I really like Willow Rose. Her covers are always eye catching and I really like the Shadow Hills series.

  • On May 03, 2018, Nicky said: giveaway

    A lot of these books sound great and I have added to my wishlist like Katherine Bacher's series, a couple of Teri Osburn's books and Ravena Tate's books. As well as some others.


  • On May 03, 2018, Tamara Kasyan said: Willow Rose

    Willow Rose - I really loved reading Flesh and Blood. So far I've read the first 3 books in the Vampires of Shadow Hills series. I love all the covers and how there is one more person on the cover in each book.

  • On May 03, 2018, Karla Eakin said: Hearts Afire

    Social Shifters by Susan Griscom stole my heart with the cover and ignited my happy dance....I love dragons and shifter stories... now I get the best of both worlds

  • On May 03, 2018, katz said: Janna MacGregor

    Janna MacGregor - Really like the cover and blurb of your book The Luck of the Bride.

  • On May 03, 2018, Sue A said: Spring Fling

    Spies, Lies, and Allies - A Love Story

    The title can be misleading at first, but after reading the synopsis, it fits the story. Lisa Brown Roberts has written what is sure to be a fun read!

  • On May 02, 2018, NanaSue said: Can't wait to read Beneath the Lake

    I'm looking forward to reading Beneath the Lake by Casi McLean. It sounds interesting and different. The cover is great, too.

  • On May 02, 2018, Tarrah said: Fairies Oh My!

    Peg Pierson, I love reading about fairies and I am going to pick up your novel this week!

  • On May 02, 2018, katherinebacher said: Thank you: AmberTerry, Sklocinski, JeanneNancy, carlton, Msredk

    Thank you everyone who enjoyed my covers! I'm so glad you like them. My character, Roxy Summers is a gal of simpler fashion tastes while living in a vibrant, but hilariously deadly, world, and the covers reflect that. A few days ago I saw a preview for the cover my third book, MISSING YOU, and it's AWESOME! I think it's the best one yet, and you'll love it!

  • On May 02, 2018, somerss said: Spring Fling

    Sandy says I love the look of the books by Gwyn Brodie. Who doesn't love a Scottman from the Highlands, plus castles. I can just picture them in their kilts and those accents are to die for.

  • On May 02, 2018, Msredk said: Authors I want to try

    I want to read Katherine Bacher's books! They look very good. Thanks for the opportunity ??

  • On May 02, 2018, Sandra said: New authors

    I’ve seen some interesting new books from new authors to me.

  • On May 02, 2018, petuniag said: Carol Ross

    Carol Ross is a phenomenal author. I love her books. The covers are beautiful, and the blurbs hook me.

  • On May 01, 2018, jmesparza said: Spring Fling

    I loved the book covers, and the book blurbs for The Vampire Shadow series by Willow Rose. I am looking forward to reading the stories.

  • On May 01, 2018, misspiggysue said: spring fling

    thank you

  • On May 01, 2018, carlton said: Covers & Blurbs

    I like the look of Deep Blue by Kristy McCaffrey, and Dangerous Deeds by Beth Prentice from their blurbs.

    The covers for Crush On You and Capture Me by Katherine Bacher caught my eye too!

  • On May 01, 2018, attessac said: spring fling

    loved the guy on cover of Bloodlust by Ravena Tate read blurb will check out book Thnx for another great contest

  • On May 01, 2018, Purpleunicorn said: Spring Fling

    Erin Hawthorn, I love a good Scottish historical romance, and A Highlander's Dream sounds like something I'd definitely enjoy reading based on the blurb. Love the cover too!

  • On May 01, 2018, swatbmw said: Susan Griscom

    Totally love your book cover and a fan of your vampire series. Following everywhere as usual ;)

  • On May 01, 2018, Veronicathomas said: So many wonderful books

    First thank you for the chance. I see so many covers that have just caught my attention. A few examples (there are too many to list) but here are some: Storm Crossed by Dani Harper....A Warriner to Seduce Her by Virginia Heath....Flirting with Fairies by Peg Pierson Flesh and Blood by Willow I could go on and on. I enjoyed reading all of the blurbs to find some new to me authors. Thank You


  • On May 01, 2018, JeanneNancy said: Capture Me

    Can't wait to read Katherine

    Bacher's Capture Me.

  • On May 01, 2018, Arcadia said: Awesome hunt

    I love so many of the authors but I really love Colleen S Myers book cover, I tend to like darker shades of color and it caught my eye right away

  • On Apr 30, 2018, Tashia Jennings said: Absolutely wonderful

    So many wonderful authors!!! Some I have already read and following (stalking). So many new to me that I had to one click their books! Can't wait to start reading! Thank you for this fabulous chance!

  • On Apr 30, 2018, frlarsson said: book love

    I´ve found three new-to-me authors to follow! Virginia Heath, Janna MacGregor and Cassandra Chandler

    Love it!

  • On Apr 30, 2018, SKlocinski said: Comment Love

    Katherine Bacher's covers are awesome. Love the Blood Will Tell cover as well. I would love to read Cassandra Chandler's Invasive Species

  • On Apr 30, 2018, AmberTerry said: Katherine Bacher

    I really love Katherine Bacher's covers--cute and eye-catching! The stories also sound like something I'd really like to read. Thanks for bringing this author to my attention! :)

  • On Apr 29, 2018, greenshamrock said: Books

    Love the cover and blurb for Genie Gabriel's book! ?

  • On Apr 29, 2018, Lisaward said: Contest

    Blood will Tell by Collen Myers

    Love the Cover and blurb

    Looking forward to reading this..

    Thank you for being part of this Event

    All the Authors, Thank You , all these books sound really Great !

  • On Apr 28, 2018, camaro said: Can't wait to read Elizabeth Harmon

    The Red Hot Russians series sounds so good can't wait to read them. Love the covers and blurbs. Following on Facebook, Bookbub, Twitter. I have also signed up for the newsletter.

  • On Apr 28, 2018, versatileer said: Kristy McCaffrey - Deep Blue

    I cannot wait to read Kristy McCaffrey - Deep Blue! I think that it looks most excellent.

  • On Apr 28, 2018, orchdlady said: Dani Harper

    I love the cover of Storm Crossed.

  • On Apr 27, 2018, Nat Lynn said: Invasive Species

    Cassandra Chandler, I love your cover and the name Invasive Species caught my eye immediately because I am really into Alien abduction romances. I would love love to read your book!

  • On Apr 27, 2018, catlady said: Scavenger Hunt Giveaway

    Terri Osburn, I love your books!

  • On Apr 27, 2018, Renald said: like this book

    Ginny Sterling , I like the book cover and the book sounds interesting.

  • On Apr 26, 2018, archana said: Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

    Loved Janna MacGregor's previous two books and can't wait to read this third one in the series.

  • On Apr 25, 2018, katherinebacher said: Thank You Dario and DebbyG

    Hi Dario and DebbyG!

    Thank you for your interest in the Roxy Summers Series. Guaranteed to make you laugh while solving crime. If you love the covers, I can't wait to show you what's in store for Roxy's third adventure, MISSING YOU, releasing June 2018!

  • On Apr 24, 2018, DogsMom said: Added to my TBR

    Oh my- I took two days to do this because I added to my TBR and wish lists not only books from the quiz but others in series and by these amazing authors!

  • On Apr 24, 2018, amandastar said: Another new find!

    The cover for Elizabeth Harmon's Turning it On caught my attention first, but I'm all here for the reality tv storyline. I watch my share of reality shows, so I'm very interested in this book!

  • On Apr 24, 2018, Researcher said: Janna MacGregor Spring Fling

    I really liked Janna MacGregor's cover and the blurb. thanks for a chance to find new authors and for the Spring Fling giveaways.

  • On Apr 24, 2018, goodietwo said: Covers

    Janna MacGregor, love the covers on your books, the dresses are so beautiful.

  • On Apr 24, 2018, gecko said: Love these Contests!

    Tina Susedik & Carol Ross, I am looking forward to reading your books! I am constantly looking for new authors' works! Thank you for participating in this contests so avid readers can learn about new stories and authors!

  • On Apr 24, 2018, Cathyann said: Spring Fling

    There's many covers and blurbs i like

  • On Apr 23, 2018, mycatismybookmark said: Spring

    Great contest and lots of new books and authors to discover!

  • On Apr 23, 2018, KatherineJane said: spring scavanger hunt

    really loved the cover and the blurbs

  • On Apr 23, 2018, clojo said: LOVE the cover!

    I love the cover for Ginny

    Sterling's "Handfasted to You"... It's elegant and very beautiful! :)

    -- CJ

  • On Apr 22, 2018, Sylvie said: Nina Crespo

    How can you not like a title like Forget You? Sounds like something that will make me laugh!

  • On Apr 22, 2018, lilpixie said: Cassandra Chandler

    Cassandra Chandler I love the cover for Invasive Species and can't wait to read this series it sounds awesome.

  • On Apr 22, 2018, Janna Macgregor said: tinalou said: Janna MacGregor

    Hi Tinalou! Thank you so much for the kind words about my covers! I've been blessed by the cover gods. They just keep getting better and better! Wait until you see my December release! XO! Janna MacGregor

  • On Apr 22, 2018, Janna Macgregor said: KarenH said: Janna MacGregor

    Hi KarenH! Thank you so much for the kind words and the follow! You're so delightful, and I hope you get a chance to read one of the Cavensham Heiresses series! XO! Janna MacGregor

  • On Apr 22, 2018, Sable said: Dani Harper

    I have always enjoyed your books and I love the cover for Storm Crossed.

  • On Apr 21, 2018, caraddatz said: covers

    I like the Janna MacGregor cover because its pretty and looking forward to reading VIrginia Heath a warringer to rescue her

  • On Apr 21, 2018, Katrina Dehart said: New authors to me

    Most of these authors are new to me. Found a Lot of books going on my tbr

  • On Apr 21, 2018, tinalou said: Janna MacGregor

    I haven't read you yet but your covers always grab my attention. They are always so stunning!

  • On Apr 21, 2018, KarenH said: Janna MacGregor

    Janna MacGregor is a new-to-me author and I'm interested in her because she writes books in my favorite genre. After looking at her website, I signed up for her newsletter and began following her on BookBub.

  • On Apr 21, 2018, Whodawata said: Sharon Buchbinder

    I love her work and her variety of writing

  • On Apr 21, 2018, fayeglory said: Willow Rose is my Author

    I love her work, the covers,the story, the plots, the way she writes mixing in past present then back to past, many characters, plenty twist and turns.., I have every book she has written. Waiting now for her 7th in her newest series! Loving this contest!

  • On Apr 21, 2018, DebbyG said: Fantastic

    So many wonderful books.I need to check out the books of Katherine Bacher. I never read one of hers before and would love to read one. Colleen Myers' Blood Will Tell should be an intriguing read.

  • On Apr 20, 2018, Dario said: Katherine Bacher

    Katherine Bacher has such wonderful covers!

  • On Apr 20, 2018, cocobabydoll said: Ginny Sterling

    Ginny Sterling book cover was hot.

  • On Apr 20, 2018, robolaryea said: cover

    I like the cover to beneath the lake by Casi McLean

  • On Apr 20, 2018, Bmhy said: The Luck of the Bride

    Love the cover and blurb for The Luck of the Bride by Janna MacGregor. I enjoy reading Regency historical romance and have read other books by Janna.

  • On Apr 19, 2018, Laurel E said: Dangerous Deeds: Beth Prentice

    I liked the cover and loved the blurb. Added to my to be read list, I think this book, with mystery and suspense, as well a humor will be the perfect read.

  • On Apr 19, 2018, EvaM said: Spring Fling 2018

    MacGregor's daughter: beautiful cover and interesting blurb, and Scottish. A Highlander's Dream, also Scottish and a debut author to try.

  • On Apr 19, 2018, katherinebacher said: Excited to Meet New Readers

    Hello, SueG, SuzReadsBooks, MelissaB, gaborss! Thank you so much for your interest in my Roxy Summers Mystery Series! She's a sassy Seattle gal with snarky humor. I have a third book releasing in June 2018 called "MISSING YOU (a Roxy Summers Mystery #3)." This is the perfect opportunity to get caught up on Roxy's adventures before MISSING YOU releases!

    To everyone else, I hope you're enjoying the scavenger hunt!

    Feel free to ask me any questions, or send me a hello. I'll be popping in periodically throughout the event and promise to respond to everyone who mentions me and/or my books!

    Hugs to all!

    - KB

  • On Apr 19, 2018, FanLit said: Spring Fling Giveaway

    Thanks for the contest. There are so many good books. The plot in Janna MacGregor's book sounds good.

  • On Apr 19, 2018, Kixcatmom said: Love Virginia Heath

    Can't wait to dive into Virginia Heath's latest. Love the covers of all her books. She is a fantastic writer.

  • On Apr 19, 2018, rosalineclancy said: Thank you!

    I'm really excited about The Luck of the Bride and Falling Star! Both sound like fantastic reads.

  • On Apr 19, 2018, Nocturnal Nina said: Enjoy!

    Hi from Nina Crespo! So excited to see everyone here and read the comments. Good luck and have fun on the hunt!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, BooksandWine said: Gwyn Brodie

    i love your cover! It certainly captured my attention!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, TerriOsburn said: hey esky

    Thanks for reading the book. I'm so happy to hear you liked it. I had a great time writing it. And thanks to the others who have mentioned Falling Star. I hope you enjoy it!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, Janna Macgregor said: The Luck of the Bride-SandyH

    Hi Sandy H! I can't wait for you to read the 3rd in the series. I had a blast writing it. More importantly, I hope you have a blast reading it! XO!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, Janna Macgregor said: The Luck of the Bride

    Hi blakesmomma! Thank you so much for the kind words. Hope you fall in love with March and McCalpin, too! XO!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, Janna Macgregor said: Cover love

    Hi CandyLyn! Hope that is a good thing! I love to look at covers too. I think they do suck you right into the story!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, Janna Macgregor said: Cover love

    Hi Jodi Hunter! Thank you for the kind words. I'm in love with my covers. Believe it or not, each bride has looked like my heroine of the story! Lucky me!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, debbiew said: Susan Griscom's Wet Kisses

    Loved the blurb for this book! Adding the series to my wish list.

  • On Apr 18, 2018, ArlenaDean said: Great Contest with some good authors!

    Violet Abyss by Suzanne M. Sabol

    I enjoyed her Book Blurb.."Vampire politics are the worst!" I love vampires! Suzanne's Book Covers are always bright with great coloring and her stories are always a good read especially her Paranormal reads. I simply love reading Suzanne's reads!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, attessac said: Spring Fling

    I love these hunts It is a chance to win great prizes and find new authors I found Elena Kincaid Thnx

  • On Apr 18, 2018, TrinaC said: Love these

    Love these contests. Chance to win amazing prizes & be introduced to new authors!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, LFDykes said: What fun!

    I loved reading the blurbs on these books and found some new authors!!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, savitra said: Thank you

    This Giveaway is awesome and really unique!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, SueG said: Spring Fling

    I really liked the blurbs on these books

    - Falling Star - Terri Osburn. I love country music so this caught my eye.

    - The Luck of the Bride - Janna MacGregor - this sounds like a fun time

    - Capture Me - Katherine Bacher - loved the cover and this one just sounds great!

  • On Apr 18, 2018, SteelerGirl said: Carol Ross

    The blurbs on her stories really spoke to me. I cannot wait to get a few of her books to read.

  • On Apr 16, 2018, AshleyAnne said: Erin M. Leaf-The Fixer

    The blurb really grabbed me! I cannot wait to read this book and see how thing work out for Zero and Julian! (Love those names!!)

  • On Apr 16, 2018, Loveallbooks said: Genie Gabriel

    The blurb and the book cover work together on Legacy Reborn. The cover caught my eye first and reading the blurb had me wanting to find out more about the story.

  • On Apr 16, 2018, kcharlton said: Book

    I loved the cover of Blood Will Tell by Colleen S Myers...then i read the blurb...adding it my TBR list!!

  • On Apr 16, 2018, esky said: Terri Osburn

    It is so nice to see your book at this hunt again. Falling Star was such a great book and I hope many others here see it and take the chance on it. If they do they won't be disappointed.

  • On Apr 16, 2018, jbalinski said: Blurb

    Loved the blurb for Bachelor Remedy by Carol Ross. It seems opposites do attract. The Cover is nice also. Can't wait to read this book. Carol Ross is a new author for me.

  • On Apr 16, 2018, LeonieT said: The cover always attract me first

    I love the cover of In Fair Brighton - Star-Crossed Mafia Book 1 by Elena Kincaid and Storm Crossed - The Grim Series, #4 by Dani Harper. Dani Harper's series is one that I've always wanted to read.

  • On Apr 16, 2018, Nikolina said: Sharon Buchbinder

    I've read books by many of these authors, but never from Sharon Buchbinder, so thank you for introducing me to her work - I'd love to read her books!

  • On Apr 16, 2018, deborahlavery said: Loved your book

    I love your books and all the contests.You have a wonderful way of writing that makes me unable to put your books down

  • On Apr 16, 2018, LittleLady said: Flirting and Fairys

    Love the cover and the story sounds very interesting. Really want to read this!

  • On Apr 15, 2018, Butterfly said: BOOKS I WANT TO READ


  • On Apr 15, 2018, Butterfly said: WANT


  • On Apr 15, 2018, angie booklover said: Twilight meets Harry Potter?

    Give me this book by Willow Rose! The cover is stunning and I can relate to the protagonist when it says that her parents are controlling and constantly embarass her...

  • On Apr 15, 2018, Jodi Hunter said: Janna-MacGregor

    Every time I see the cover of one of your books it is like they are saying, read me, NOW!

  • On Apr 14, 2018, Ingeborg said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love the cover of The Luck of the Bride by Janna MacGregor. Bachelor Remedy by Carol Ross sounds like a book I will enjoy.

  • On Apr 14, 2018, Kristen Webker said: Spectscular

    Gwyn Brodie, your cover intrigues me.

  • On Apr 14, 2018, Bertie said: Beneathe The Lake Casi McLean

    Love the cover, and the book sounds fantastic.

  • On Apr 14, 2018, Melanie B said: Scavenger Hunt

    Love the cover of Deep Blue by Kristy

    McCaffrey! Look like a book I'd enjoy!

  • On Apr 14, 2018, GladShell said: Cover

    The cover that caught my eye was Cassandra Chandler Invasive species cover. The bright green alien and the purple background go so good together! I love sci-fi Romance and that series is one I'm putting on my TBR list!

  • On Apr 14, 2018, CandyLyn said: Janna-MacGregor

    Every time I see one of your books the cover sucks me right in! It's like I have no choice! I'm always stunned by the beauty of each one! This one has been no exception! I get sucked in by the cover which leads me to everything else!

  • On Apr 14, 2018, DragonQueen said: Scavenger Hunt

    Gwyn Brodie I follow you on Facebook and I Love your stories! I am able to really become the character.

    Love these Scavenger Hunts a lot because it introduces me to books and authors I may not have heard about.

    Good luck everyone

  • On Apr 14, 2018, DebraTaylor said: New Books

    I found two books that really captured my attention. The Luck Of The Bride by Janna MacGregor, and MacGregor's Daughter by Gwen Brodie.

  • On Apr 14, 2018, DebraTaylor said: Spring Fling

    I look forward to these scavenger hunts. So much fun and found several new authors and books to follow.

  • On Apr 14, 2018, kaisquared said: Great blurb

    Loved the blurb for In Fair Brighton by Elena Kincaid, it really hooks you

  • On Apr 13, 2018, JeanMP said: Books

    I really like the cover on Peg Pierson's book, it makes me think it will be a fun read. and I like the cover on Beth Prentice's book, it is very eye catching

  • On Apr 13, 2018, AmbieRose said: Authors I haven't read yet

    I enjoy doing the scavenger hunts, there were some blurbs and the book covers that I liked and I am looking forward to reading the books. Nina Crespo, Sharon Buchbinder, Janna MacGregor, Kristy McCaffrey, Dani Harper, Casi McLean, Willow Rose, Diana Layne, Terri Osburn, Susan Griscom, Colleen S. Myers, Ginny Sterling, Beth Prentice, Suzanne M. Sabol, Carla Susan Smith, Genie Gabriel, Elizabeth Harmon.

  • On Apr 13, 2018, SuzReadsBooks said: Book Covers

    I love Katherine Bacher's and Peg Pierson's book covers! They make the books look fun to read and definitely caught my eye!

  • On Apr 13, 2018, Amy S said: Bloodlust

    Bloodlust by Raveena Tate has a great cover and the blurb sealed the deal. It has been added to my list.

  • On Apr 13, 2018, Didi said: Books

    I look up Erin M. Leaf backlist titles as I enjoyed MM romance and her Warlock series.

  • On Apr 13, 2018, MelissaB said: Books

    The cozy mysteries from Katherine Bacher and the paranormal comedy from Peg Pierson are genres I usually look for.

  • On Apr 13, 2018, misspiggysue said: Book

    I really like Sharon Buchbinder's blurb for Legacy of Evil

  • On Apr 13, 2018, blakesmomma said: Janna MacGregor

    I love the cover of The Luck of the Bride!

  • On Apr 13, 2018, KGOLDMAN said: Flesh and Blood

    This is one of many series I will start am always on the lookout for these contest.

    Thank you

  • On Apr 13, 2018, kaylizmc said: Sring Fling

    I love to find new authors and this is one way I go about it. I have found a lot of great books by reading the fill in the blanks on these scavenger hunts.

  • On Apr 12, 2018, SandyH said: Janna MacGregor

    I've read the first two books in the series and am looking forward to reading the third!

  • On Apr 12, 2018, Beckworth said: Great!

    All these books sound great but i really love the blurb for Bloodlust by Ravenna Tate. I love vampire books and this one sounds so interesting!

  • On Apr 12, 2018, rleetx said: MacGregor's Daughter

    I really liked the blurb and look forward to reading this book.

  • On Apr 12, 2018, MzVeeAye said: The Covers

    Covers always catch my eye first then it's the blurb... The Fixer cover definitely caught my attention then after reading the blurb I will no doubt be checking it out :)

  • On Apr 12, 2018, bncandg said: re:

    Sharon Buchbinder - interesting books

  • On Apr 12, 2018, Latifa Morrisette said: The blurb

    I connected with the blurb, especially Sharon Buchbinder's blurb for Legacy of Evil

  • On Apr 12, 2018, Carol L said: Spring Fling

    I love this event. So many new Authors and great reads. Really liked The blurb for Beneath The Lake, cover of Storm Crossed, A Highlander's Dream and MacGregor's Daughter just to name a few on my list.

  • On Apr 12, 2018, Angieia said: Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

    I really enjoyed this scavenger hunt. Found some new authors. I liked the cover for Beneath the Lake by Casi McLean. There were several blurbs that interested me, Nina Crespo, Casi McLean, Janna MacGregor, Colleen S. Myers for a few.

  • On Apr 12, 2018, Anxious said: Burb

    Its what tell me if the story line is good or not.

  • On Apr 12, 2018, gaborss said: Sorry to have to choose only a few

    Nina Crespo's cover for Forget You

    Casi McLean for the title Beneath the Lake

    Katherine Becher the blurb Crush on You and Capture me

    Carol Ross for Bachelor Remedy which looks sweet - no rolling around between the sheets

  • On Apr 12, 2018, lasvegasnan said: Book Cover

    I love the book covers on these. Makes want to read the blurb.

  • On Apr 12, 2018, marzimarzo said: yay!

    Great booklist and event. Thank you all!

  • On Apr 12, 2018, Judy Thomas said: Awesome event!

    I really love these hunts! I love the cover Of Bloodlust by Ravenna Tate. Wow, it really caught my eye.I can't wait to read it.

  • On Apr 12, 2018, Psihramis said: Spring Fling

    Love the Ravenna Tate cover!

  • On Apr 12, 2018, marybelle said: Adding to my list

    Thank you for this amazing Spring Fling. I hate to single out just one author but to Ginny Sterling, your books now top my reading list. Love the whole concept of this series.

  • On Apr 09, 2018, Carol L said: Spring Fling

    Looking forward to the event. Thanks to all the Authors and Tammy for this.