• On Jan 29, 2020, Deborah Kate said: Can't live without

    Coffee, I can't live without coffee. And no one around me would be able to live without me having coffee either.

  • On Jan 20, 2020, anniei said: Things I can't live without

    My family, the dog, my kindle, sweet tea, chocolate, my pillow, comfy pants, flip flops

    Thanks for the chance.

  • On Jan 20, 2020, gincam said: Faith, Family, Friends and Felines...

    Faith, Family, Friends and Felines are the four corners of my world. Coffee, chocolate, cheese and cookies are my four food groups. I love books, everything related to books, people who also love books, and talking about books and promoting literacy.

  • On Jan 15, 2020, urschler said: can't live without

    Husband, kids & dogs!

  • On Jan 11, 2020, Barbiegirl said: Can't Live Without

    My Husband and Family

  • On Jan 11, 2020, sunshinehdfan said: living

    my family and dog

  • On Jan 07, 2020, Laurie G said: survival

    I cannot live without my family and love.

  • On Jan 07, 2020, Rkcjmomma said: Cant live without

    My husband and 4 kids and my furbaby they are my world and books!!

  • On Jan 07, 2020, hotone said: I can't live without

    the love of my husband & family. I enjoy the reading time with my grandchildren & me time...….

  • On Jan 07, 2020, abqnancy said: What can't I live without?

    I can't live without books. I need a book at my fingertips. I love to read any time and any place.

  • On Jan 06, 2020, DesitheBlonde said: my dogs

    both of the service dogs

  • On Jan 06, 2020, SandyH said: Must haves:

    Chocolate, books, diet coke, chocolate, books, apples, chocolate, books....need i go on??! :-)

  • On Jan 06, 2020, Cajun Girl said: What I can't live without...

    Books,iced coffee,my music,& my family,friends,& furbabies

  • On Jan 06, 2020, Carol L said: What I Can't Live Without

    My family of course & my books and e-reader.

  • On Jan 06, 2020, Tamara Kasyan said: Can't Live Without...

    I can't live without my family, my cats, and books. Oh, and chapstick...I'd be lost without chapstick! LOL

  • On Jan 06, 2020, dolphinBaby said: i cant live without

    my wonderful best friend my anchor my forever husband :)

  • On Jan 06, 2020, LasVegasNan said: Live without

    Family, books, Diet Mt Dew

  • On Jan 06, 2020, Chrisbails said: Live without??

    I couldn't live without my Family. E-reader. Chicago blackhawks hockey.

  • On Jan 06, 2020, DianeS said: Life

    my family and books

  • On Jan 02, 2020, Bmhy said: I can't live without

    my books

  • On Jan 02, 2020, honeyb said: I can't live without,...

    My Kindle, Mt Dew or 5 hr Energy Shots

  • On Jan 02, 2020, dbranigan said: Can't live without...

    my phone.

  • On Jan 02, 2020, NAPAYETTE said: Live without?

    Peace. Too much drama makes me sick.

  • On Jan 02, 2020, Glenda said: All the things you listed plus

    All the things you listed plus caffeine and my pets

  • On Dec 31, 2019, greenshamrock said: need

    besides water and air... I would need someone handy.

  • On Dec 31, 2019, bncandg said: re:


  • On Dec 31, 2019, Tamazon (Moderator) said: How far off the grid?

    Air and water would both be needed if you go off the grid to Mars with Elon Musk.

  • On Dec 31, 2019, VSloboda said: can't live w/o

    Air, water, food, and coffee ;).

  • On Dec 31, 2019, debbied said: What I can't live without

    Air and water