• On Oct 03, 2009, Anonymous said:

    I'm not sure if I can adequately define romance-the courting, the adoring, the wooing and pursuing. Is romance love? Does love take over romance? Do they both coexist? I do like the flowers and chocolate. But would I give up what I have? I don't think so.


  • On Sep 18, 2009, Tammie King - Night Owl Romance said:

    The winner of this blog post is...

    Loretta Canton

  • On Aug 31, 2009, kimmyl said:

    Romance to me is finding someone to love u just as u are, someone who will argue bcak instead of giving u the silen treatment and someone who is there wheneever u need them.

  • On Aug 30, 2009, Virginia said:

    Isn't romance what we all hope for in our daily lives? To love an be loved. To not be alone. Romance in its highest form is to be completed mentally and physically by your partner. To put their needs above yours and be equally cared for in return. No one is ever too old for romance! gcwhiskas

  • On Aug 30, 2009, Virginia said:

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  • On Aug 30, 2009, Colleen said:

    Romance to me... the emotions, the little surprises... I love depth and emotion in the books I read, and do not forget the HEA! :)


  • On Aug 30, 2009, SuzyQ1955 said:

    Lynda your blog really hit home with me today. I have always desired romance unfortunately the man I married 35 yrs ago did not understand what romance is. To me it is unconditional love and the sharing of your soul. I just have been told by a therapist I married a narrissist who chose to bring me home from the hospital on our 1st anniversary and go out with friends to see car races. This should have warned me I was not loved in return because it continued over and over. I realize now forgiveness is not a cure for lack of romance and feel your book could be a good learning tool to find romance in the future.

  • On Aug 30, 2009, Trina said:

    My husband isn't the chocolate & flowers kind of guy, but he still can show romance. It's when he always tells me how beautiful he thinks I am - no matter how I look. It's when I know that he's there for me no matter what. It's when he knows when I'm not feeling good and he takes care of the kids so I can get some extra rest. It's a lot of other things that he does.

    Trina Chase

  • On Aug 30, 2009, Dena said:

    I forgot my email, not sure if it's supposed to be posted with comment.

  • On Aug 30, 2009, Dena said:

    Hi Lynda, Great question with a variety of possible answers. To me it's the connection between me and my man. He shows his love and romantic side by sweet little words and sometimes presents.

  • On Aug 30, 2009, Sarah McD. said:

    Hi Lynda! Good question!

    Sarah Raplee McDermed.

  • On Aug 29, 2009, Mint said:

    Romance to me is not just sex. It's love, caring, compassion and wanting what is best for another person.

  • On Aug 29, 2009, Patricia Barraclough said:

    Very good post. The sex part of romance seems to be taking over the romance genre. The real romance in many works is getting lost or just not there. I have read books by author that are usually pretty good and come away very disappointed. Little plot or character development, just one sex scene after another. It is almost like they couldn't be bothered to put the effort into the story. They had the name and reputation and just needed a paycheck. More and more there is too much "air" in the books and not enough "cereal".


  • On Aug 29, 2009, Julie Robinson said:

    Congrats, Lynda, on the release of your newest novel.

    who is suffering her second week of empty next syndrome

  • On Aug 28, 2009, LORETTA CANTON said:

    What romance mean to me is someone who love me just the way I am. He does not want to change me.

  • On Aug 28, 2009, Lynda Coker said:

    Isn't Romance the greatest thing ever? My husband of 45 years says that I am elemental to him in ways he doesn't even understand. And that he's completely married in heart, mind, and soul. Needless to say, I just hug the daylights out of him. LOL

    Thank you, Ladies, for your comments.

  • On Aug 28, 2009, Tammie King - Night Owl Romance said:

    One1ylady - How beautifully put - Some of us are just so lucky to have men like that.

  • On Aug 28, 2009, one6ylady said:

    Romance, to me, means a spontaneous expression of love with no expectation of gain. It means doing something extra special... just because! Romance is when my husband is on day shift and sneaks quietly over and gives me a kiss when I'm sound asleep. Romance is when I have a hard day at work and I leave the building to find him waiting out front in his car to take me to my favorite restaurant - without telling me he's going to do it. Romance is when I'm feeling HORRIBLE and he wraps his arms around me and tells me how much he loves me and how beautiful he things I am, and doesn't care if I sneeze on him while he's doing it. It's the thought, not the cost that counts.

  • On Aug 28, 2009, Lynda Coker said:

    Hi ddurance and stacey,

    Those are great thoughts on romance. They both show that romance seems to be more than just hooking up. Appreciate you dropping by.

  • On Aug 28, 2009, stacey said:

    What it means to me is How you show your lover that you love them and not just desire them.

  • On Aug 28, 2009, ddurance said:

    Hi Lynda! I love the cereal box analogy. lol


  • On Aug 27, 2009, Lynda Coker said:

    Thank you so much Night Owl Romance for hosting this blog. It's a pleasure to visit and interact on this beautiful site. I hope that many of you will give us your opinion on What Romance Means To You.