• On Sep 17, 2018, Tamazon said: Winner!

    The lucky winner of a print copy of Maverick is... Robbie F.

  • On Sep 13, 2018, ELF said: Yummy and hot!

    I love this series and the way the author is adept at making such exotic guys so attractive and personable.

  • On Sep 11, 2018, abqnancy said: Cats

    I have been reading these books for a while. Ever since the first one I read, and I'm sorry because of my strokes I can't remember the name, I love anything with cats. Slave grabbed me and I'm hooked!

  • On Sep 11, 2018, kaisquared said: Cat Star

    I have read several in the series and look forward to reading more hot feline shifter fun.

  • On Sep 09, 2018, jbalinski said: Cat Star series

    I have not read the Cat Star series yet. I enjoy shifter stories and have not read any with a feline hero.

  • On Sep 09, 2018, Bmhy said: Cat Star Series

    I have read several books in the Cat Star series and greatly enjoyed them. I love shifters and look forward to Cheryl's new book.

  • On Sep 06, 2018, pgriner said: Cat Star Series

    I have #1, but have not yet had a chance to read yet. I like to try and have several in a series (or all if possible) before I sit down to binge read them! This one sounds good, and I like all the different aspects of it!

  • On Sep 06, 2018, Robbie said: Have not read this series

    I have not read this series yet. Looking forward to reading it. I love all shifter series.

  • On Sep 06, 2018, Tamara Kasyan said: Cat Star Series

    Haven't read them yet, but I love cat shifters so I'm definitely putting them on my list!

  • On Sep 06, 2018, NanaSue said: Haven't read them yet

    I haven't read the Cat Star Chronicles but they sound good. I like the childhood friend angle.

  • On Sep 05, 2018, bncandg said: re:


  • On Sep 05, 2018, Koontzlake said: Science Fiction

    Childhood Friend Romance.

  • On Sep 05, 2018, Rkcjmomma said: Read

    No I havent but im gonna check them out sounds like my kind of books!

  • On Sep 05, 2018, Money said: Read

    No, I have not read any of these books yet. Thank you

  • On Sep 05, 2018, caraddatz said: Cat Star series

    childhood friend romances

  • On Sep 05, 2018, lasvegasnan said: Cat Star Legacy

    I haven't read any yet.

  • On Sep 04, 2018, shorty said: Hot science fiction romance

    I have not read the previous book.

  • On Sep 04, 2018, Amy Storch said: Cat Star Legacy

    when I read about Maverick I knew this new series would appeal to me. I have not read the Cat Star Chronicles yet, but they are now on my TBR list, too.

    I like the idea of a childhood friend romance. Knowing that going in will make a story sweeter. It just gives it that little something extra. Thank you for the chance.