• On Feb 23, 2018, Tamazon (Moderator) said: Winner

    Our lucky winner is Linda (dwhogan)

  • On Feb 22, 2018, Glenda said: oooo

    Both books in the series sound great!

  • On Feb 22, 2018, caseygarvey said: Love Game

    I like to play games!

  • On Feb 22, 2018, hotone said: hotone says: Night Owl contest

    Thanks for the chance to win NOR. This book sounds like a really awesome read.

    Will add it to my TBR list for 2018.

  • On Feb 21, 2018, cokittykat said: Night Owl Contest

    I would love to read this book!Thanks for chance!???

  • On Feb 21, 2018, Rita Spratlen said: Love game

    Sounds like a great read! Love to read it too!

  • On Feb 19, 2018, Queenbethanny said: Cover

    Great Cover!

  • On Feb 13, 2018, JeanMP said: Love Game

    Sounds like a really good story

  • On Feb 13, 2018, Bmhy said: Love Game

    What an interesting book! Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  • On Feb 13, 2018, Barbiegirl said: Love Game

    Would love to win this new book! Thank you!

  • On Feb 13, 2018, Adnor said: Maggie Wells Letters From the Authors #BookGiveaway

    Sounds right up my alley!

  • On Feb 11, 2018, angienb said: wow

    looks like an awesome read

  • On Feb 11, 2018, Ivythebookgeek said: Love Games

    New author to me, but this sounds like a series I would absolutely enjoy. I can't wait to read it.

  • On Feb 10, 2018, missmaria said: series

    Love the theme of this series!

  • On Feb 10, 2018, Money said: Love games

    Sounds like a great series. Thank you

  • On Feb 10, 2018, landfjacobson said: Love Sports Romances

    Oh I have to say the sports romances are one of my favorites. Maggie Wells is a new author for excited to read this!

  • On Feb 10, 2018, SerbianPrincess said: Thank you!

    Love finding new authors!

  • On Feb 10, 2018, shorty said: Love Game

    After reading the excerpt it makes me want to read this book. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  • On Feb 10, 2018, Tashia Jennings said: Thanks

    Thank you for this wonderful chance

  • On Feb 10, 2018, mommamia said: Love Game

    Thanks for the chance to win this! :)

  • On Feb 10, 2018, lorir said: This looks like a good book

    Love the cover.

  • On Feb 10, 2018, Martha said: Love Game

    Sounds like a good one! Thanks for the chance.

  • On Feb 10, 2018, byrnemanis said: Love Game

    Thank you for the chance to win

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    Thank You For The #BookGiveaway

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    Thanks for the chance

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    Thank you for the chance

  • On Feb 09, 2018, Sherriemerrell said: New author to me

    Thanks for the Chance??????

  • On Feb 09, 2018, SandyH said: interesting

    love sports stories, especially when women are the main character

  • On Feb 09, 2018, honeyb said: Love Game

    Looks like a great book

    Thank you for sharing it with us

  • On Feb 09, 2018, Anxious said: New author for me.

    Sounds good.

  • On Feb 09, 2018, CandyLyn said: Very good!

    I'm so interested in this series! I made sure to add Maggie Wells in my Amazon favorites! I'm just wondering how many books she is thinking about writing for the series.

  • On Feb 09, 2018, AmbieRose said: Maggie Wells-New Author to me

    The book sounds good and I would love to read this. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the chance!

  • On Feb 09, 2018, Lisaward said: Comment

    A New Author for me

    This sounds really good.

  • On Feb 09, 2018, SueG said: Maggie Wells

    This story sounds awesome! Having raised 3 daughters I truly think woman should be able to be kick ass and not be frowned upon!

  • On Feb 09, 2018, rosalineclancy said: Awesome!

    I love the kind of characters Maggie Wells wrote! We need more of them. :)

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