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    Sounds really great..

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    Thank you for the exclusive excerpt of this wonderful book! It showed a charismatic hero and a resilient heroine, making me want to read the book.

    Also, thanks for the giveaway!

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    I love Jade's books and this one sounds like another winner!

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    Jade Lee's books are steeped in romance and make me feel like dancing.

  • On Aug 14, 2016, gincam said: a rich, rascally rogue...

    sweet and sensual secrets...wanton delicious...

  • On Aug 14, 2016, Glenda said: Love Jade's Books!

    I love Jade's books! This one looks like it's hilarious!

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    Her books are wonderful. Would love to read this.

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    Love the cover!

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    This sounds like a great read!

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    Ms. Lee is on my to-read list but I've yet to get to her so it would be wonderful to win :)

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    haven't read any of Jade's stories yet

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    Looks good! Can't wait to read!

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    looks interesting

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    I've been really eager to try Jade Lee's historical romances. I think this sounds great!

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    What an exiting book! Great excerpt. I'd love to read more.

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    This sounds really awesome!!

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    Ooh, I love a cocky hero!

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