• On Sep 29, 2013, Tamazon said: Winner

    The winner of this eBook is: Bmhy

  • On Sep 28, 2013, ecocat said: Music

    I do however have to agree that music could set the mood to writing a story just right. Of course, there has to be the right song.

  • On Sep 27, 2013, lanabaker said: intriguing

    Sounds unique!

  • On Sep 27, 2013, Glenda said: Cursed

    I think everyone has had at least one song they've fsllen in love with -- or to. :-) This looks like a great book.

  • On Sep 27, 2013, Flybell said: Cursed

    I fall in love with songs all the time. To me there are a lot of songs that bring back so many memories and I love that. This book sounds great. It's going on my TBR list. Thanks for the giveaway.



  • On Sep 26, 2013, Bmhy said: Cursed

    What a fascinating book! Music can be very inspirational. Thanks for sharing the great excerpt. Would love to win a copy of this book.

  • On Sep 26, 2013, Rebateme said: Contest

    Looks interesting

  • On Sep 26, 2013, bibbiesparks said: Cursed

    Enter me.

  • On Sep 26, 2013, djsa said: Cursed

    Looks good

  • On Sep 23, 2013, bncandg said: re:

    sometimes if the song's catchy

  • On Sep 22, 2013, LuvnPhrost said: Cursed

    Music has a wonderful way of motivating thoughts and actions. I always have music playing in the background. It helps get me through the day. I admire people that can write music and lyrics.

  • On Sep 18, 2013, Lizsemkiu said: Loved the music for the trailer!

    I enjoyed the excerpt very much! Thanks for the contest.

  • On Sep 18, 2013, suzyrph said: Cursed

    There is that time when a melody justs sticks in my head. The book really does cover the mind set that happens. I Fbd & Twtd.

  • On Sep 16, 2013, shalyramirez said: Cursed

    Sounds interesting....hmmm... I've Tweeted, Pinned and Commented! Good luck!