• On Jul 14, 2013, Cute Writer said: New Adult

    This really sounds like a great new genre, i am a few years older than the targeted age group, but at 24 i am still wandering into the YA world. I would definitely love to win a copy of one of these wonderful books! if not, i am sure i will add them to my shopping list in the future!!

  • On Jul 10, 2013, arlenadean said: New Adult

    From the ages 18-21 sound like some good reading age to me. Being a book reviewer .... I am interested in reading to see what is offered to this group.

  • On Jul 04, 2013, ecocat said: New Adult

    The new adult genre fills in the YA and the regular romance books. Those college years between 18 and 21 have never been cover in the romance. Just the right amount of sex and modern circumstances makes it a perfect genre.

  • On Jul 04, 2013, mamaconnie said: Addicted New Adult

    I am curious to read this new genre.

  • On Jul 03, 2013, TheBookQueen said: Loving NA

    I've been on a bit of a NA binge lately, and I'm loving this genre! The hero and heroines are closer to my current age--they're not highschool teens like in most YAs, and they are not 30-something-with-a-career either. I guess I can relate to them more. I love that this genre has the right combination of heat and spice, as well as sweet.

  • On Jun 30, 2013, Orangepeacock said: New adult

    I love NA because it has intense relationships that bloom in Young Adult/early 20's but don't involve countless sex scenes.

  • On Jun 28, 2013, Lumanesce said: New Adult

    This is a fairly new genre for me. I like the idea of the books, so I do have two books that I recently picked up that fall into the category. I am working my way through my TBR pile... they are 3 & 5 down from where I'm at currently.

  • On Jun 26, 2013, bncandg said: re:

    like the characters

  • On Jun 26, 2013, LuvnPhrost said: New!

    I am looking forward to exploring the new adult genre. With so many trials to becoming an adult it should prove very interesting!

  • On Jun 26, 2013, Bmhy said: New Adult

    New Adult is a new genre for me. I would love to read some of these new titles.

  • On Jun 25, 2013, AquarianDancer said: Try It

    I'd love to try Addicted to You. I already have Faking It (wonderful). :-D