Author: V.S. Kemanis

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Forsaken Oath - A Dana Hargrove Legal Mystery #3

Forsaken Oath
  • Number: B01BPEIRGS
  • Release: 2016-04-30
  • Author: V.S. Kemanis
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Opus Nine Books
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Prosecutor Dana Hargrove has taken a step up the career ladder as the new chief of a major trial bureau in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Years in the courtroom have earned Dana the respect and admiration of her juniors and peers. A few tough wins have also sparked the envy—and contempt—of certain members of the defense bar.

In the summer of 2001, Dana is planning a well-deserved vacation with husband Evan and their two young children when a few high profile cases prevent her escape. A renowned fashion designer is murdered in his posh Upper East Side townhome. An inmate, serving state time for felony murder, claims that evidence was wrongly withheld at his trial. A professional con man, the mastermind of a reverse mortgage scam, is blamed for leading a younger man into a life of crime. As the mysteries in these cases unfold, a common, unsavory design comes to light—with Dana at its center.

A scurrilous media campaign can be endured, but when a criminal scheme touches Dana’s family, she must strike back. In Forsaken Oath, Dana confronts the greatest challenge yet to her professional integrity as she fights to protect her good name and the sanctity of her family life.

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