Author: Terry Long

Terry Long is the third of five vivacious girls. When she isn’t scheming with her adoring siblings, one can most definitely catch her reading a delicious novel. When growing up, she wanted to be a child caretaker, but had promptly relinquished the idea after the family’s first unmanageable dog. During her early adult years, she decided to step into the automobile industry and dedicated a long decade in the field, before discovering her true passion. Terry now gleefully rolls up her sleeves and writes at every chance she gets- that is, if she’s not daydreaming about her newest novel. She is married and currently resides in the heart of California with her sweetie.


The Notorious Proposal

The Notorious Proposal
  • Number: B00760G6UK
  • Release: 2012-02-05
  • Author: Terry Long
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Bradley Publishing
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The stern and no-nonsense, Michael Langdon, wants nothing more than a quiet, peaceful life. He wasn’t getting any of that, he realized, as soon as he brought home a contradicting, galling wife. Ally is maddening…and tempting, all in one small, luscious package. Perhaps his marriage isn’t so disagreeable after all.

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