Author: Tekla Dennison Miller

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Mother Rabbit

Mother Rabbit
  • Number: 9781610090919
  • Release: 2014-06-23
  • Author: Tekla Dennison Miller
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Biographies & Memoirs
  • Publisher: Oak Tree Press
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Alyce Bonura is a single mother who takes a position as the Bunny Mother of the Chicago Playboy Club to not only flee from a negative relationship but to pursue a career that guarantees financial freedom and upward mobility. Unfortunately, all is not what is assured or expected. Mother Rabbit is a collaborative memoir about a woman like so many others in the 1960’s, caught between living according to traditional societal mores and pursuing the promises of the feminist movement. Alyce’s stint as the Bunny Mother is set during a particularly turbulent era when even such a secluded environment as Playboy is affected by the Viet Nam War, the Apollo I tragedy and back ally abortions. Her story pays tribute to the women who had the courage to break free from the oppressive standards of the day while also dealing with the universal dilemmas of single mothers including abuse, financial crises, the special difficulties of parenthood and the quest for self-fulfillment.

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