Author: Susan Bass Marcus

Puppeteers are always coming up with stories. Susan Bass Marcus' adventures in writing span her overlapping careers as a story teller, puppeteer, and museum education curator. Her original story-filled curricula garnered her many awards for innovative and lively museum programs. Watch this page for videos about her books and short stories. Available April 2018 KDP pre-order for Where Dragons Follow (Return of the Malevir) also coming soon, in paperback. Her current works include the Malevir (Dragonwolder) series, published essays, lots of short stories, and online media.


Where Dragons Follow: Return of the Malevir - Dragonwolder Book 2

Where Dragons Follow: Return of the Malevir
  • Number: B07BW3KCGB
  • Release: 2018-04-27
  • Author: Susan Bass Marcus
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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The world of Dragonwolder is in turmoil. Its nemesis, the Malevir, survived past attacks. He now works his dark magick to destroy the world's dragons and their allies by inhabiting an amulet stolen by a young man named Kurnan. The amulet controls Kurnan's spirit and drives him into great danger. Will a team of dragons, their riders, and more otherworldly creatures catch the thief and stop the Malevir before he destroys all of Dragonwolder?

Where Dragons Follow picks up some tantalizing threads left unraveling in the first Dragonwolder book, Malevir: Dragons Return..

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