Author: Stephen B King

Me - just some bits and pieces about - ME!

(Or as my wife often says: "It's all just about you Steve isn't it?")

I've said, more than once, life is about the journey, and not the destination, and what a journey my life has been. We are the sum total of our experiences, and not what we eat, in my humble opinion, and when I start talking about my life to people - just before their eyes glaze over - they often say: "You should write a book." So I have, several in fact.

Thrillers and crime genres have always fascinated me, and in particular, the dark world of serial killers, and while my beginnings were in the 'Make love not war' sentiment, I love a good, unputdownable, thriller. You know, the kind you just want to read one more chapter of at three in the morning before bed, but you have to be up at six to go to work. Have I succeeded in creating stories that can take people to that place? Boy I hope so.

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