Author: Stacey Coverstone

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had a very big imagination. She lived in a small town in the Midwest, and her favorite pastimes were reading, writing stories, and acting out plays on the front porch. She watched a lot of westerns on TV, too. The little girl fell in love with cowboys and decided to marry Heath Barkley or Little Joe Cartwright when she grew up. She also liked taking family vacations. They instilled in her a love of travel and adventure. She dreamed of becoming a famous novelist one day.

The little girl grew up, and she still has a big imagination. Because she loves telling stories, she has become a professional writer. Because she loves adventure, she travels as much as possible. Because she loves the western lifestyle, she owns horses and lots of cowboy boots and hats. And yes, she was lucky enough to marry her very own cowboy.

Today, her dream of becoming a novelist has come true. She's not famous yet, but the journey of life continues to be a big adventure.

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