Author: Sarah Burgess

Sarah Burgess is an American writer of Scots-Irish genes, stubborness, and temper who writes both

independent novels and short stories. She also ghost writes for authors both published and non-published in a range of genres. A graduate of a small liberal arts college, she minored in literature out of a love of reading; she also studied screenwriting through Act One.

Her writing genres include literature, regency, historical, and fantasy -- she is currently partnered with published and independent author Laura Briggs for a new Regency series and a new historical series to be released independently in 2012. She is an ardent fan of Doctor Who, Jasper Fforde's literature, The Red Green Show, and BBC adaptation of classic literature. On the rare occasion when she is not writing books, she pursues artwork, cooking and landscaping.

The abbreviated version of her name appears on cross-genre work, including suspense, mystery, and thriller titles penned singly or with Briggs.