Author: Sara Boyd

Sara Boyd was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lives in the North East of England. She has an MA in Translation from Newcastle University.

Her first published work is the short story 'Of Winter's Past'. 'Nothing Else Matters' is a coming of age romantic novel.

She enjoys all things creative, photography, gardening and cooking. She thinks about her stories everywhere, such as in the supermarket queue or driving, but the latter is not advisable.


Nothing Else Matters

Nothing Else Matters
  • Number: B00ADVYY30
  • Release: 2012-11-26
  • Author: Sara Boyd
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Sara Boyd
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Fate is what you can’t choose and the lives of the Cooper family and young Nick Stewart are changed when Nick’s mum dies. He is left behind by his diplomat father to live with the Coopers. Mia Cooper and Nick become soul mates, sharing games, jokes, and holiday adventures as they grow together through their teenage years.

But when Mia and Nick fall for each other, neither of them dares to declare their feelings, and both must suffer the agonies of unrequited love in their own way.

They also have to deal with Mia’s jealous sister, stormy relationships of deceit and mistrust, and the trials of approaching adulthood. In a story that roams from Buenos Aires to New York, will Mia and Nick learn that, once they have each other, nothing else matters?

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