Author: Sandra Heath

Sandra Heath is British, and has settled in the English West Country after living in Wales, Ireland, Holland, Germany and various locations in England. She is a multi-published, multi-translated, award-winning author of romantic fiction, and her titles cover everything from chaste romances to furnace-hot sex scenes that singe the reader’s senses. Places as different as St. Petersburg, Switzerland, Athens, Egypt, India and Peru have been thoroughly researched, and so have many actual historical figures. Great medieval magnates, real and imaginary, have had their lives--and often their bodies!--laid bare in her books, as have elegant 19th-century lords, Russian princes, Prussian officers, brilliant Polish pianists and Egyptian Pharaohs. British folklore and legends have crept into her writing, as have ghostly happenings, magic, the Little People, and Mediterranean mythology.

Her fervent imagination is overflowing with new stories, new settings, new characters and….new ideas for sexual enjoyment! All of which she is more than willing to share with her readers.