Author: RC Bonitz

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A Little Bit of Blackmail

A Little Bit of Blackmail
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  • Number: B0063HALUI
  • Release: Out of Distribution
  • Author: RC Bonitz
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Closed - Silver Publishing
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When some creep plasters nude photos of Diane's kid sister on the internet, Diane plans a little revenge: seduce the guy until his clothes come off and take his picture. Then it's blackmail time. But has she targeted the wrong guy?

Brian's no stranger to the wiles of beautiful women. Most want him for his money, but Diane has a different objective: to trash his reputation. Furious, Brian resolves to teach her a lesson. until he learns the truth and loses his heart to this daring woman. But to win her trust and convince her he's not the villain, he has to best her at her own game.