Author: Nancy Northcott


Reading led me to writing, as I suspect it does many authors. When I was a preschooler, my grandfather and I drew stick figures and made up stories about them, but something new and serious sparked in my imagination after I read my first super-hero comic book at age 7 (I’d talked him into buying it for me). By that time I’d progressed to stories I illustrated in crayon, mostly fairy tale retreads. Comic books led to science fiction and bad science fiction writing attempts. While a succession of teachers who liked realism led me to read more and write less, I never stopped inventing worlds and people in my head. College and graduate school revived my need for escapism, and I returned to writing, this time in the form of comic book fan fiction. Encouraged by friends to write something I could sell without being sued, I tried my hand at a fantasy novel. Figuring out how to write something that long led to a few fits and starts and lots more fan fiction, but I eventually finished my first novel and went on to give it siblings.

I enjoy all forms of wordplay but consider fiction a unique window to the human heart. My books in all genres combine adventure and romance in the development of true love for my characters. Each of my romance manuscripts has at least one major contest credential, and two were Golden Heart finalists. How many complete manuscripts? How long writing?

Blessed–or cursed, depending on your viewpoint–with innate stubbornness, I believe persistence and professionalism are the ultimate virtues in the quest for publication, and I wish everyone the same luck I’d like for myself. In the meantime, there’s always the fun of trying something new!