Author: Molly Diamond

Since resurrecting the Molly Diamond pen name, Molly busily writes erotica and erotic sci-fi romance. From the Sister Earth Series (sci-fi romance) to the Fire and Ice Saga (high fantasy romance) to erotica of all genres, she spins tales that titillate, enthrall, and whisk the reader away on grand adventures full of thrills and sexiness.

For several years, Molly wrote for men's magazines in print and online, and now she also writes under five other pen names. She has a wonderful husband who gives her some of her plot ideas, and together they often discuss unique settings for the hot scenes that appear in her stories.

Molly, who you also might know as author F.L. Bicknell, resides in a big house with her family. Two of her four kids are still at home, and Molly now gets to play with her grandson. Family means the world to Molly, but she loves her fans too and firmly believes readers are the power behind a writer's heart.

Molly is represented by the founder of TriadaUS Literary Agency, and readers can visit her at


Emerald Fire - Fire and Ice Saga, #1

Emerald Fire
  • Number: B00596W990
  • Release: 2011-06-30
  • Author: Molly Diamond
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Closed - Breathless Press
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Caught between two worlds, Honey becomes Freya's pawn in a game of love and war.

Betrothed to the young and cruel Kaedric, Honey resigns herself to a life of unhappiness. On the night of her eighteenth birthday, she goes into the Great Woods where the goddess Freya appears to her.

Freya gives Honey a choice: marry Kaedric and pay off her family's debts, or wed the Green Man, a mighty Faerie king who has been haunting her fantasies for months. To escape Kaedric, Honey agrees to marry King Roahre. However, once their marriage is consummated, unexpected revelations stun Honey, and she realizes she's a pawn in Freya's sinister plot.

Can Honey and Roahre's love survive the ultimate test?

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