Author: Michelle Levigne

Michelle lives in North Royalton, Ohio, just about half an hour from Lake Erie and Cleveland. She graduated from Northwestern College, Iowa, with a BA in theater/English, and from Regent University, Virginia, with an MA in communication (film/writing). She has over 40 short stories and poems to her credit in fan fiction -- Star Trek, Highlander, the Phoenix, Beauty & the Beast, Stingray, among others. Her first professional sale was also a first-place win in the Writers of the Future Contest, with the short story "Relay."

Michelle has written a number of series set in two different "Universes". To make it easier for you we have detailed the two universes on her author page. There is the "Commonwealth" Universe which has most of her books and "The Hunt". Michelle has also written other books, many of which will be coming out at Writers Exchange E-Publishing.