Author: Michele Arris

Michele Arris is a Golden Heart® award-winning author in contemporary romance. Her work is edgy and downright steamy with a melting pot of strong, diverse characters.

“It’s enjoyable to write stories where two people are guaranteed their happy ending.”

Michele lives in the northeast. When she isn’t stationed in front of her laptop spilling her wayward imagination onto the page, she’s jotting scenes in her head or re-watching a Jane Austen movie, or just relaxing in her backyard hammock while watching the baby frogs in her water garden.


See Me - Secret Favors Series Book 1

See Me
  • Number: B07Y8MNYVX
  • Release: 2019-10-30
  • Author: Michele Arris
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Diverse Books, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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When a ruthless casino developer threatens everything she holds dear, bakery store owner Kennedi Chase cooks up an unconventional plan to protect her family legacy. She may despise Trenton Shaw’s plans, but why does he have to be so wickedly charming and sexy?

A brutal divorce has left developer Trenton Shaw with a bitter taste towards women and little patience for anything that disrupts his goals. The new parking garage on the Washington D.C. Wharf is essential to his casino. No little cake baker is going to get in his way, no matter how gorgeous, tenacious, or tempting he might find her kisses.

There’s no denying the sizzling hot attraction as professional entanglements become highly personal. But when Trenton confronts Kennedi with a secret that could destroy her family, she’s forced into a desperate choice. How can she make him see his ambitions could destroy her dreams? Can she teach him to see that sometimes the best way to win is to surrender?

Devil's Gamble - Tarnished Billionaires Book 2

Devil's Gamble
  • Number: B0756KSDVS
  • Release: 2017-11-13
  • Author: Michele Arris
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Crimson Romance
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The tantalizing Tarnished Billionaires series scorches on with book two, starring a bred-to-be-bad hero longing to make good for love.

Sienna Keller saw how men used her mother, and from an early age she swore she’d never allow it to happen to her. So when she meets smooth-talking billionaire Gavin Crane, who uses his connections to help her art career, she resolves to keep things strictly professional—no matter how gorgeous he is.

Gavin might be the son of the head of the Kavanagh organized crime family, but he wants no part of that life. It’s important to him to prove to Sienna that he’s a good guy. But when she winds up in the hospital with a gunshot wound, he is driven to exact revenge. His father agrees to provide security to watch over her as well as find the man who shot her, but at a cost—Gavin must come back into the family business.

As Sienna begins to let her guard down around Gavin, seeing the kind, caring man he’s always wanted her to see, his secrets begin to pile up. Has she done the one thing she vowed never to do—trusted her heart to the wrong man?

Sensuality Level: Spicy

Devil's Deal - Tarnished Billionaires Book 1

Devil's Deal
  • Number: B06XKGJS3Y
  • Release: 2017-05-22
  • Author: Michele Arris
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Debut Title, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Crimson Romance
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Sparks fly in this spicy romance debut when an ambitious career woman meets a golden boy billionaire determined to capture her heart.

CEO Billionaire Lucas Marx isn’t used to hearing the word “no.” So when he hits on gorgeous moonlighting waitress Bailey Walters and she coldly turns him down, he becomes focused on finding a way into the captivating woman’s heart.

Bailey knows men are more trouble than they’re worth, and golden boy Lucas is especially dangerous. Turns out he’s not just any guy, but the ex of her boss, who is determined to get him back. Bailey is focused on building her career in interior design, and if her boss finds out she’s stolen her man, she’ll lose everything.

When Bailey’s assigned a design project for Lucas’s home, their attraction soon becomes too hot to handle, and Lucas resorts to bribing Bailey’s best friend into setting up a date for them. But building a relationship on lies and deceit is never a good idea…

Can Lucas crack Bailey’s steely façade to find the vulnerable woman hiding beneath? Or will he discover it’s his own heart that needs defending?

Sensuality Level: Spicy

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  • See Me See Me
  • Devil's Gamble Devil's Gamble
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