Author: Marivi Soliven

Marivi Soliven has taught writing workshops at UC San Diego and at the University of the Philippines. Her writing first gained recognition with silver medals for children's fiction at Palanca Awards for Literature in 1992 and 1993. In 1998 her short story "Beaux Café" won the Philippines Free Press Grand Prize for fiction. Another short story, "Talunang Manok," was adapted for a short film in December 2011. Short stories and essays from Soliven's 15 books have appeared in anthologies and textbooks on creative writing. Her essays and stories have been featured in Where Are You From? An Anthology of Asian American Writing and The Journal of Post Colonial Studies.

She gained entry to Hedgebrook's Writers in Residence program in 2012.

Under The Mango Bride's original title, In the Service of Secrets, the unpublished novel won the 2011 Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, the Philippine counterpart of the Pulitzer Prize. In January 2013 Ediciones Planeta Madrid bought the rights publish The Mango Bride in Spanish. The Mango Bride will be issued by Penguin Books on April 30, 2013.