Author: Maggie Jaimeson

During the week, my days are spent managing computer systems for a community college district that covers 10,000 square miles. At night and on the weekends, I journey into the world of my imagination and write novels that reflect my passions and my belief that the good guys win in the end and that love will conquer all.

Growing up I had the reputation for being a "goody-two-shoes." Some people rebel against that reputation, but I revelled in it. I didn't have fantasies of being a "bad" girl, and I never dreamed of growing up to marry a rich man. My parents raised me with the belief that I could be whoever I wanted and accomplish anything. I have tested that belief many times through careers in psychology, acting, computer programming, and now helping faculty to teach through distance education, and bringing 21st century technology to a rural part of California. I've always been one who loved my life no matter where it took me.

Both triumph and tragedy have shaped me into who I am. Like most women, I've survived illness, heartache, and disappointment. And somehow I found real love and passion in the end. Yes, the kind that you read about in romance novels really does exist!