Author: Laurie Breton

As a small child, I entertained myself by making up stories as I lay in my bed at night. At the age of eight, I started writing them down. That was nearly fifty years ago, and I’m still telling stories. My character-driven novels of romantic suspense, women's fiction, and contemporary romance have touched the hearts of readers everywhere. Several of them have become USA Today or Waldenbooks bestsellers. No matter what label you put on them, they are all love stories, filled with deep emotion and peopled with strong characters, realistic men and women who aren't afraid to face the challenges that life throws at them.

I’ve lived all my life in Maine, where I spend an inordinate amount of time (and gas) driving around the bumpy back roads, seeking inspiration and working out plot points in my head. If I get really stuck, a day trip to Boston can usually get the juices flowing again.

I'm currently at work on my tenth book, the third installment in my Jackson Falls Series, DAYS LIKE THIS, which will be available in late 2012.