Author: Karen Sue Burns

I've been a writer since 8th grade. I started college as a journalism major then transferred to business my freshman year, all due to the woman's lib movement...I know I've now dated myself. I've worked as an accountant/ CPA ever since. However, my love for writing, fiction or non-fiction never diminished. I kept myself busy with journals and business writing. Once my last child left for college, I decided it was time to get back in the fiction game. I've worked at honing my skills and figuring out what I like to write...seems that it's not straight romance but mystery. I surprise myself at times. I look forward to retirement in a few years and writing full-time. Until then, I spend my off time hanging out with my grandchildren who are all adorable, trying new recipes, and traveling as far and as often as my wallet allows me to go. Thank heavens, Houston has a great airport!!