Author: Julia K. Moore

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Windows into Heaven

Windows into Heaven
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  • Release: 8-14-2009
  • Author: Julia K. Moore
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Inspirational
  • Publisher: Pelican Ventures Book Group-White Rose Publishing
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Inspirational Miniature
Raging: Sweet 
Page Count: 78
When Rachel Murphy hires the mysterious new man in town to help repair her run-down Texas home, she thinks she’s doing him a favor by giving him a hand up. But she discovers Cash Thompson is more than just a master of repair and renovation. When he begins to stir the embers of her cautious heart, she has to push him away. If he ever finds out her tragic past, it will shatter the illusions that keep her safe.
Cash can see the torment behind Rachel's eyes, but he won't allow her self-imposed solitude to drive a wedge between them. He knows what it’s like not to be able to escape your past, and he vows to stick by her regardless of the secrets she holds close to her heart.
Will Rachel allow Cash to be the healing love she needs, or will she turn away her last chance at happiness?

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