Author: Julia Imari

Julia is a bilingual author hailing from the foot of Mount Kinabalu in the heart of North Borneo or Sabah, Malaysia.

She is an established Malay language author (as Julia Unggai, her real name). She has published many young adult novels, children’s story books, articles, short stories for newspapers, anthologies and non-fiction. She won several Sabah Literary Awards for her short stories and articles. She has also been a panelist for the country’s national literature awards.

Now she’s writing contemporary romance and young adult literature in the English language. She’s excited to be part of the English speaking writer’s community, and looks forward to publishing more novels in her second language.

Currently, she’s living with her husband in Metro Boston and she tries to visit Borneo as often as possible.


Catching Lily

Catching Lily
  • Number: B072DT741Q
  • Release: 2017-05-22
  • Author: Julia Imari
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: PaulJulia Press
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In a charming Massachusetts town, Lily Perfect, a budding, savvy entrepreneur has her sights set on running her own boutique filled with handmade creations. The last thing she wants is the complication of a man. But just when her business begins attracting attention, a dangerously handsome, sexy, and mysterious man strides into her shop and turns her life upside down.

Alan Perry isn't fooled by Lily's apparent disinterest. He knows there's more to her than just her handbags. She has secrets, and he's determined to reveal them...before she can reveal his. Little does Alan know, he may have just met his match.

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