Author: Jina Bacarr

I love to travel, indulge in dark chocolate truffles and spend rainy days in museums...especialy the Louvre in Paris.


Naked Sushi

Naked Sushi
  • 3 Stars
  • Number: B00CQES3ZM
  • Release: 2013-10-15
  • Author: Jina Bacarr
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin
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A Delicious Mistake

One day I'm getting canned from my job as a computer programmer for having wild copy-room sex with a guy I thought was the new game designer. The next, I'm crashing my ex-boss's business lunch in a creative attempt to get my job back, and men are eating sushi off my naked body!

That's when I realize

a) My ex-boss is hiding corporate secrets

b) Hot copy-room guy is an undercover FBI agent

c) I would make a kick-ass spy!

Then Special Agent Hottie brings out his cuffs, and things get really interesting….

Titanic Rhapsody

Titanic Rhapsody
  • Number: 9781419937712
  • Release: 2012-04-12
  • Author: Jina Bacarr
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Closed: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
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Katie O’Reilly runs away from the grand house where she is in service after being wrongly accused of stealing a diamond bracelet. The law is after her, and she has only one chance at escape—the Titanic. She boards the ship of dreams and runs straight into the arms of Captain Lord Jack Blackthorn, a dashing gentleman gambler who promises to be her protector. If she takes off her clothes.

Captain Blackthorn is intrigued by the Irish beauty and has plans to make her his mistress before they reach New York. Only one thing stands in his way—the lovely Countess of Marbury, who is in love with Jack and engaged to his old friend, millionaire Treyton Brady.

The handsome gambler awakens a forbidden passion in Katie that tempts her to give up her dream of freedom…until the fateful night when the Titanic hits an iceberg. Tragedy strikes further when she’s separated from Jack, and Katie must make a daring choice that will change her life forever.

Blush sensuality level: This is a suggestive romance (love scenes are not graphic).

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