Author: Demar

I was trained as an architect and am currently authoring books.

My middle name is Demar. I was raised in Corvallis, Oregon--the land of oak and green. When the pollen-count was low I was out with my friends biking, frisbee-ing, swimming in the ol' Mary's river, and consuming large barrels of Slurpee. When the pollen-count was high I hid indoors and fried my brains on Sega and PlayStation, stayed up late eating re-fried beans, and drank large barrels of Slurpee.

I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I studied landscape management at Brigham Young University and then earned my Masters of Architecture at the University of Utah.


The Will and the Forest: Exodus - The Will Sagas, #1

The Will and the Forest: Exodus
  • Number: B00ICP5QEK
  • Release: 2014-02-10
  • Author: Demar
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Demarche Publishing
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It is a world of knights, pirates, warlords, and squires. But for eleven year-old Herbert, such heroes exist only in children’s books and in toys carved from pinecones. Until one spring morning that is, when Herbert is greeted by a mysterious creature with a cryptic message.

What’s odd is that the owlbat delivering the note shouldn’t rightly exist, not since the Ruby Wars anyways. And the letters on the note are written in ancient Erdel—the lost language of the ancients who vanished over six thousand years ago. Stranger still? The ink is fresh, still damp from the night previous.

As Herbert and the mysteriously old bookkeeper Ms. Opal unravel secrets of the past, Herbert’s first great adventure begins and takes him where he is wary to go— into the pine forest, where an old sage with strange abilities dwells. And with rumors of a warlord marching from the north, and the arrival of merchant pirates at the village Harbor, Herbert’s simple life is about to change forever.

Fortunately Herbert is not without companions, and has good friends close around him: Donaldson, the acrobatic orphan living on the rooftops, and Ashlund, the Mayor’s daughter with a secret past who is ready to run away and leave the village forever.

Join Herbert’s quest in this new fantasy book series as he learns firsthand what it takes to be a true hero, and begins to discover in himself perhaps the greatest mystery of all—The Will— a powerful force in the universe, which has long been forgotten by mankind. While the age of willers is past, and the earth lay in a slumber, the time for awakening is arrived.

Whether you’re a mother looking for great books for boys, or a fantasy fan who loves a good-hearted adventure, The Will Sagas are sure to please and delight. It’s a new fantasy book series for all ages full of action, excitement, humor and love.

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