Author: Heidi Hostetter

Heidi Hostetter is the author of the Inlet Beach Novels, stories filled with the quirkiness of small towns, the craziness of imperfect families, and the joy of second chances. Inlet Beach is a fictional small town on the coast of Oregon. A bit isolated, it's bordered by a state park on one side and an inlet that flows to the ocean on the other. The kind of town where everyone knows everyone else, and they all have an opinion.

THE INHERITANCE is the first of the Inlet Beach Novels. Three estranged sisters jointly inherit a beach house from a relative they don't remember. The sisters plan to sell the house and return to their separate lives, but the town has other ideas and they can be persistent.

A LIGHT IN THE WINDOW is a Christmas novella, set in Inlet Beach. The town is decorated in anticipation of the annual Christmas Lights Festival, but the police find a runaway in trouble. Can the community find a way to give a boy with a shattered past another chance at happiness?

Heidi Hostetter lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family, where she writes stories of community, family, and second chances.