Author: Glory Rabenaugh

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I currently reside in a suburb twenty minutes outside of the city. As a child, I was addicted to horror movies. I didn't really like the blood and gore of Chainsaw Massacre movies or Saw movies, but the ones that truly made you scared to close your eyes at night because of the unknown that's out there. As I grew older and sappier, I fell in love with paranormal romance stories. I can't stomach the normal, everyday romance. There has to be something different about it...and yes that usually involves some type of tryst or caught between multiple loves. I enjoy that emotional turbulence and rarely like to have the generic happy ending. It's rare that there is one in life, right?

I don't write to make money. In fact, I have a full time career in the medical field. I run my own business on the side. I write to express myself, my fantasies, my dreams. I am currently self-published, though I encourage any interested agents to contact me.

P.S. I do write under a pen name. This is merely to salvage some type of decorum amongst myself and my family members. I'm sure you understand...I dread talking about my latest book that dabbles in bdsm and sexual sadism at Christmas dinner.