Author: Georgia Lee

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Lady's Wager

Lady's Wager
  • 4 Stars
  • Number: 9781419912610
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Georgia Lee
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Cerridwen Press
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Charlotte Stuart is a headstrong heiress dedicated to charitable causes, who publicly disdains marriage while secretly pining for love.

Edward Woodcliff is a stubborn Viscount who feigns poverty in an effort to find a woman who loves him and not his inheritance.

Sparks fly when these two intractable people meet. They cannot seem to let down their guards long enough to admit their love for one another. All seems hopeless until Edward challenges Charlotte to a wager. If he wins, he wins her hand in marriage. If he loses, then Charlotte is free of him. Now Charlotte must put aside her doubts about his intentions long enough to let Edward into her life and admit that he is the man of her dreams.

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