Author: Gail R. Delaney

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Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me
  • 4 Stars
  • Number: 978-1-936000-05-0
  • Release: MAY 2009
  • Author: Gail R. Delaney
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc
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Ten years ago, Donovan Greer lost everything. Since then, he has lived only for his work. He wants to feel nothing and need no one. And it works, until he is sent to New York City to protect Olivia Weston from a sociopath dubbed The Broadway Killer.

Olivia Weston's life and career has been micromanaged by her overbearing father her entire life. Then she meets Donovan Greer. Donovan puts decision into her hands and treats her like a woman, and not a commodity. He makes her fall in love with him, whether it was his intention or not.

Her beauty and grace would be easy enough for Donovan to ignore - if Olivia didn't want him as much as he denies he wants her. He knows it's not smart, and tries every excuse he can to dissuade her - including their 14 year age difference. It's been a long time since he let his heart feel anything, but once it does, it's impossible to ignore.

When danger stalks the shadows, and her life is in his hands, he wonders if he is capable of loving her and protecting her.