Author: Elly Helcl

I am a stay at home mommy (sigh, this was deliberately spelled wrong but, too many people were convinced I didn't know how to spell...fine, you don't get the joke) with two children. One of my children is special needs and requires a lot of my attention so at the moment it is hard to hold down a full time job. My husband works full time and we count every single day together as a blessing...even after eleven years!

I started writing stories when I was young but I always had a problem with finishing them. Actually, that seemed to be my biggest issue with everything. I loved writing poems but eventually I would lose interest in the books I was writing. Eventually I figured out why...I wasn't writing something I was interested in. My start was writing things that everyone else would enjoy and while I do enjoy normal books, I really enjoy books that are outside of the box.

Finally, I have learned to be true to myself and am writing stories I can get lost in.

My first book was published on my husband's 50th birthday and I am hoping to be able to help support our family with my writing...

Oddly, I have a large collection of poems that few have ever read. Someday, I may write a book of poems but for now I feel my poetry is too personal to release.

My greatest fear is that no one will like my books...that things like Harry Potter and Twilight will rule the day forever and authors like me will never find a measure of success. Oh, and heights. I absolutely hate heights and spiders.

The Path to Destiny is a trilogy and I hope my readers enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thank you so much for supporting my dream.