Author: Elle Druskin

I've always been a voracious reader. Pretty much read anything and everything. I wrote To Catch A Cop for myself, more or less trying to figure out how to write a book. Didn't figure anyone was going to see it so imagine my surprise when it was published and nominated as Best Romantic Comedy of 2010. Didn't win, but hey, not bad for a debut novel that was never meant to see the light of day.

All of my books seem to have quirky, eccentric characters. I'm having a great deal of fun right now with The Liberty Heights series and it's nice to know readers are too. A few have written to ask me how to drive to Liberty Heights. I know it isn't a real place, but it's truly gratifying that at least some readers believe it must be real and enjoy the town, its characters, the romance, comedy, and continual surprises that can only happen in Liberty Heights. See you there or around my website where you can read excerpts from all my books and learn about upcoming releases.

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