Author: Elizabeth M. Lawrence

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Heat Wave - Beach Reads, #2

Heat Wave
  • Number: B00E3MMWK2
  • Release: 2013-07-22
  • Authors: Jude Ouvrard, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Jane Reinhart
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Renaissance Romance Publishing
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Wishing Cotton

Throw a penny in a well, wish on a star, find a four-leaf clover . . . No matter which rituals people follow, none ever seem to work. But what if there were a way to make wishes come true? For best friends Olive Alexander and Blair Adams, a beach holiday provides the perfect opportunity to see if they can find the secret. Could fellow vacationer Peter Keyes hold the key to solving this puzzle?

Under the Sun

Tracey Howard has put her life on hold for years to care for her grandmother. Now that her grandmother is gone, Tracey decides to spend the summer at the beach and reflect on where she wants life to take her next. Jackson Phillips is her new neighbor, and he dazzles her from the first moment they meet. Will Jackson be able to show Tracey how to let go of old pain and embrace future happiness?

Peeking Through Wooden Blinds

Paige Henderson and Joey Novak are planning their wedding. But a devastating and mysterious phone call leads Paige onto a path of self-destruction and into the arms of the wrong man. Her ensuing marriage to Nick Bruska becomes a nightmare and she struggles to regain self-worth. Joey has never forgotten Paige. Will he ever see her again? Only then could they discover the terrible mistake that changed the course of their lives.

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