Author: Elisabeth Payne Rosen

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Joined at the Muse

Joined at the Muse
  • Number: B0030ZRM4O
  • Release: December 15, 2009
  • Authors: Elisabeth Payne Rosen, David Niall Wilson, Brian A. Hopkins, Patricia Lee Macomber, Brian Keene, Brett Alexander Savory, Stephen Mark Rainey, Richard Rowand
  • Genre: Suspense
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  • Publisher: Magic Carpet Books
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Joined at the Muse collects thirteen stories, two of which have never been published. They have one thing in common, a blending of the works of two creative minds. There is horror in this book, and fantasy, alternate history and science-fiction. Many of these are novellas. There is a certain magic that happens when two minds and two sets of eyes approach the same creative work. It can be wonderful, horrifying, difficult, and very rewarding. These thirteen tales comprise uncollected collaborations spanning more than twenty years.
Stories include:
* A Poem of Adrian, Gray - by Brian A. Hopkins & David Niall Wilson
* A The Purloined Prose - by Patricia Lee Macomber & David Niall Wilson
* A Wreath of Clouds - by Stephen Mark Rainey & David Niall Wilson
* Moon Like a Gambler's Face - by Richard Rowand & David Niall Wilson
* La Belle Dame, Sans Merci - by Brian A. Hopkins & David Niall Wilson
* La Belle Dame, Sans Regret - by Brian A. Hopkins & David Niall Wilson
* Ribbons of Darkness Over Me - by Brett Alexander Savory & David Niall Wilson
* Death Did Not Become Him - by Patricia Lee Macomber & David Niall Wilson
* Within an Image, Dancing - by John B. Rosenman & David Niall Wilson
* That Extra Mile - by Brian A. Hopkins & David Niall Wilson
* Virtue's Mask - by Brian A. Hopkins & David Niall Wilson
* Sing a Song of Sixth Sense by Patricia Lee Macomber & David Niall Wilson
* Deliver Us From Meeble by Brian Keene & David Niall Wilson 

Hallam's War

Hallam's War
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  • Number: 9780425228463
  • Release: August 2009
  • Author: Elisabeth Payne Rosen
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Penguin Group
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An acclaimed, sweeping historical novel set during the Civil War, with one steadfast couple at its core.

It is 1859, and Hugh and Serena Hallam have left Charleston society behind to build a new life for themselves and their three children in the near-wilderness of West Tennessee. War may loom on the horizon, but life at their farm, Palmyra, is good, both for their family and—so they convince themselves— their slaves. Young and idealistic, torn between their ambivalence toward slavery and their love of the land, they keep hope that goodwill might yet prevail against the growing hostility dividing the two Americas. But soon, events will move the Hallams' entire world toward destruction, sweeping Hugh into battle while stranding Serena at a besieged Palmyra. Their values will be tested on the battlefield and at home and in the end only their passionate and enduring love for one another will sustain them as they face the war that transforms a nation.

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