Author: Douglas Roberts

Doug Roberts grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He spent 11 years in Las Cruces, New Mexico during his college years, alternatively working on a couple of degrees, rock climbing in the Organ Mountains just east of town, and working summers to put himself through school. Since then he has worked as a computer scientist at several national laboratories including, of course, Los Alamos. He eventually ended up living in Nambe, New Mexico.

These days, he plays his 1921 C-Melody saxophone several nights a week in Santa Fe, and rides a BMW GSA 1200 motorcycle to places like Alaska, the Yukon and other parts of Canada. He and his wife take care of the 15 parrots, 40 peacocks, and an ever-changing population of stray cats that call the 200 year old adobe house they live in home. Well, not the peacocks. They live outside. Except for one or two. But that's another story.