Author: Donnette Smith

Donnette Smith was born in Jacksonville Florida, but she has lived in the Lone Star State so long she deems herself a true Texan. She has a penchant for writing romantic thriller/suspense novels. Although she considers herself born with the gift to write, it wasn't until she took a job as a newspaper journalist that she realized writing fiction was her true calling in life. She is obsessed with forensic science and crime investigations, which greatly shapes the kind of stories she creates. If someone told her she could no longer write, she would feel the need to become a homicide detective. On second thought, she would probably just write that person into her next crime novel as the murder victim. She spent three years in New Orleans learning all she could about voodoo before writing her latest thriller novel, Cunja. Donnette is the author of Lady Gabriella, a mystery/suspense/romance novel published in 2008. She is also the co-author of The Chosen One, published as part of the Help Preditors and Editors anthology.