Author: Dion Gold

Nestled in the mountains of North Carolina, Dion finds the perfect environment to create. Between long hikes with a sweet dog named Ransom and enjoying the local restaurants and bars of the town, Dion enjoys reading predominantly non-fiction (gasp!), but finds great joy in a well-spun story by Cormac McCarthy, Stephen King, or many other darkly intelligent crafters. In addition, you can bet there will be an EC novella or quickie pulled up on Dion’s reader at all times.

Dion writes for men and women—the passion to create erotica comes from a desire to encourage men to partake in the sexy side of literature with relatable heroes, hot heroines and action-packed storylines. However, women's fantasies are rarely left out! What would men be proving if they didn't satisfy their lover? In addition, the underlying themes of feminine power, personal growth and the art of becoming are always laced throughout Dion’s work, because of the belief that molten hot sex requires self-love and presence of being. You can’t have an out of body experience until you are comfortable in your body.

Dion loves feedback, and writes for an audience, so emails with story ideas and inspirations are always welcome. You can follow Dion’s blog and read the latest musings from this self-described writer, philosopher and horny person.