Author: Diane Gilmore

L.A. entertainment executive Taylor Fairchild travels to England to escape a hectic work schedule and failed marriage. There she meets sexy Craig Phillips, a musician who unknown to her, supplements his band’s income by working as a drop man for powerful drug kingpin Robert Cabrera. Their love burns hot with steamy excitement when Craig returns to the States with Taylor and he and his band find success in the American music industry. However, the murky shadow of the drug world silently stalks Craig to get even for fleeing the “Organization.” When Craig suddenly disappears, Taylor sets out to find him on her own, where a terrifying game of lies, murder, and a vicious drug lord bent on revenge take the story to Mexico. Will Craig and Taylor find each other and survive the shocking revelations about both the Cabrera and Fairchild families before the rugged hills of Culiacan overcome them both?