Author: Diana Flori

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The Thorn At His Side

The Thorn At His Side
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  • Release: 2009-11-01
  • Author: Diana Flori
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Hearts On Fire
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Sexy, rugged James Blackthorn has a wish, but his wish-granting genie happens to be a manipulative Frenchman, Etienne Dubois, who has his own agenda. The hero, James, the elder of two brothers, embraces the independent spirit of the early Florida settlers and has a deep love for his land. His brother Colin, however, is a scalawag and a ladies' man, and a threat to Etienne Dubois' tranquility, who fears his daughter Cecile is in love with Colin.

After a five year exile in Paris, Cecile Dubois, a spunky and beautiful young girl returns to Key West determined to marry James, whom she secretly adores. But Etienne, her father, has other plans in mind. Mistakenly believing that Cecile wants to marry the unsuitable Colin, Dubois makes a pact with James to send Colin away in exchange for more land. What Etienne doesn't know is that by keeping the wolf away he has opened the door to the lion. James can't help his attraction to Cecile, which he fights at every turn. But what will happen when Cecile finds out she has been bartered for a piece of land?

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