Author: Danielle L. Parker

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The Infinite Instant

The Infinite Instant
  • Number: 978-1897370537
  • Release: September 2008
  • Author: Danielle L. Parker
  • Genre: Romance
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  • Publisher: Lachesis Publishing Inc
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More of a Paranormal / Science Fiction than a Romance
In this near-future thriller, Ms. Minuet James, proprietor of a Paranormal Services Agency, finds herself in hot water. Minuet has a past she’d like to forget, but too many people seem to know all about her guilty secret. When Minuet finds herself framed for a triple murder by a mysterious gangster called “Mr. X”, she’s forced to cooperate with a hostile police liaison, Alexander Ferguson, and help hunt down the mystery man. It doesn’t help that her would-be lover, Tomeso Lulliano, has seamy criminal connections of his own. She’s even less happy that her vengeful and ruthless client, Drago Navigator, would like nothing better than to see her in the clink forever. Minuet has a far worse problem. “Mr. X” has the same guilty secret she does…this title won a 2009 eppie

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