Author: Dama deNoche

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The ABC's of BDSM

The ABC's of BDSM
  • 5 Stars
  • Number: B006ZSQ1T0
  • Release: 2012-01-18
  • Author: Dama deNoche
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: BDSM, Non-fiction
  • Publisher: Phaze Books
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Have you ever looked at a crop and wondered what you could do with it that did not involve a horse? How about rope; what do you do with beautiful, soft rope or rope that is rough and tough? When your partner tells you "hurt me", do you get turned on? This book gives you a place to start answering those questions and others.

This book is not a be all and end all of how to do things. Instead, it is meant to give you an idea of where you can start and what you need to get started. How to make things a bit safer, as what we do can be--and usually is--dangerous. The danger is what turns many of us on: the ability to tiptoe on that edge of sanity and danger without causing harm is erotic and just fun. This book gives you a place to start so that you know what questions to ask.

This will also give you the understanding that you are not alone in your desire for what you need. You are not sick, just different. Your drummer is now our drummer and we march in the same basic direction.

Welcome to the kinky universe we have been living in for a while. Explore safely and enjoy.